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Jiho Bak

Jiho Bak

Jiho Bak

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DARE Project: Understanding the Financial Capability and Well-being of Canadians
Program(s) of Study: Bachelor of Commerce, Supply Chain Management
Project Supervisor: Sunwoo Lee

I learned how to conduct a research, from literature review to run a statistical analysis. I also learned a lot about Canadian's financial well-being, how to measure one's financial well-being, and financial literacy.

Project Description:

Financial capability could be defined as one’s capacity to understand financial information, which is referred to as financial knowledge or financial literacy, and make appropriate financial decisions. It is important for individuals to possess such capacity in order to achieve the household’s financial well-being. Financial capability has gained much attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people were exposed to unexpected financial shocks and experienced financial difficulty as a result. This project will use data collected in Canada to assess the financial capability of Canadians and explore its relation to their financial well-being.

The Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (DARE) - Undergraduate enables our students to meaningfully engage in research projects supervised by LA&PS faculty members. Find out more about DARE.