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Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Fall/Winter 2023-2024 academic year, the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards application deadline has been moved to September 15th.

We want to recognize your academic success and provide a financial boost to those who need it. Not just a source of extra funds - scholarships, awards and bursaries are a great way to enhance your resume and university transcript, demonstrating your hard work and dedication to your studies. If you have an unexpected financial need – from lost wages, emergency travel or COVID-19, for example – short-term emergency funding is also available.

Student Financial Profile Change is Coming

Have you heard? The way you apply for financial aid, awards and scholarships is changing!

York University is transforming the way you get access to financial aid, awards and scholarships. A new, easy to use solution is launching to the York community and it’s going to make it easier for you to see what opportunities are available to you, apply, track your applications and receive your funding.

So, what does this really mean for you?

The current way you apply for financial aid, awards and scholarships is being replaced by a new centralized online solution that streamlines government financial aid processing, awarding and scholarships. You will now be able to view your scholarship and awards opportunities in one place, search and apply for funding opportunities while getting matched with some automatically. You’ll also be able to track the applications and receive funding in that same place.

New Student Profile

The current Student Financial Profile is being replaced and beginning Fall 2024, your first step to applying for funding will be to create a new Student Profile in the solution. Then, you’ll be guided through a series of steps to get matched to awards based on your eligibility criteria. It’s really that easy!

Want to know more? Watch this short, animated video.

Search our Awards

Gold Prize in Finance (BCom)

School of Administrative Studies

Value: Fixed
Offered: Convocation

Gordon Lowther Scholarship

Department of Social Science

Value: 1100
Offered: Fall

Grace Heggie Award OSOTF I

Department of History

Value: Varied Unspecified
Offered: Fall
Demographic Requirement: Demonstrated Financial Need

Graduate Fellowship of Distinction in Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

Value: 0 - 23000
Offered: Winter

Graduate Program in Sociology Distinguished Dissertation Award

Department of Sociology

Value: 1000
Offered: Convocation

H. K. Girling Literature Prize

Department of English

Value: 500
Offered: Winter

Hans Carol Prize

Value: 150
Offered: Winter

Harry Newman Foundation MSW Bursary

School of Social Work

Value: 700
Offered: Fall
Demographic Requirement: Demonstrated Financial Need, Ontario resident

Harry S. Crowe Memorial Prize

Department of History

Value: 220
Offered: Convocation