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Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Fall/Winter 2023-2024 academic year, the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards application deadline has been moved to September 15th.

We want to recognize your academic success and provide a financial boost to those who need it. Not just a source of extra funds - scholarships, awards and bursaries are a great way to enhance your resume and university transcript, demonstrating your hard work and dedication to your studies. If you have an unexpected financial need – from lost wages, emergency travel or COVID-19, for example – short-term emergency funding is also available.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Fill out your Student Financial Profile in the first week of EVERY term. It is a mandatory step in being considered for the majority of awards.
  2. Determine what awards you’re eligible for.
  3. Apply for awards that require it.

Awards can help strengthen your resume, provide you with additional financial support, and widen your network. Don't be shy, apply today.

Walter Gordon Book Prize in Canadian Studies

Department of Humanities

Value: 400
Offered: Winter

Fill out your Student Financial Profile.

Willard W. Piepenburg Award OSOTF I

Department of History

Value: 800
Offered: Winter
Demographic Requirement: Demonstrated Financial Need

Fill out your Student Financial Profile.

William Jaffe Book Prize

Department of Economics

Value: Varied Unspecified
Offered: Winter

Fill out your Student Financial Profile.

William Pearson Scott Scholarship

Department of Economics, Department of Politics

Value: 2000 - 3000
Offered: Fall, Winter

Fill out your Student Financial Profile.

William R. Coleman Prize

Department of Humanities

Value: Varied Unspecified
Offered: Fall

Fill out your Student Financial Profile.

Women's Canadian Historical Society Scholarship

Department of History

Value: 600
Offered: Winter

Fill out your Student Financial Profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 300 awards are available for all types of LA&PS students. They’re awarded based on a wide range of factors, including financial need, community involvement, academic excellence, course work, and international or domestic status.

Use our award search tool above to determine which awards you’re eligible for, and follow the instructions. Most awards require that you fill out your Student Financial Profile, others have application or nomination forms that you can fill out at certain times of the year.

Deadlines vary, but GPA-based awards are often judged in the fall for the preceding year, so be sure to fill out your Student Financial Profile before October 15.

The Dean's Office awards have nomination forms and the deadline to submit is March 31.

Other awards are available throughout the year – use our award search above to find them and keep an eye on your email for reminders and announcements.

If you are issued an award with monetary value, the award will be posted to your student account. If your tuition has already been paid in full, you can request a refund for the award amount.

Yes! The Student Financial Profile contains information on much more than just finances. If you don’t demonstrate financial need, you won’t be penalized, but if you don’t fill out the profile, you may miss an opportunity.

Yes! Students receiving OSAP are still eligible and encouraged to apply for awards. If you receive a monetary award, York University will report it to OSAP on your behalf. Please note that changes in income may impact your OSAP entitlement.

We are currently adjudicating awards for 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years.

If you have recently graduated you are eligible to apply for the 2020-21 awards.

If you are in your first year you are eligible to apply for the 2021-22 awards.

All other current students can I apply for either or both years.

For specific information regarding Dean’s Office Awards, please email