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LA&PS researchers receive more than $3.1M in funding under SSHRC Partnership Grants

LA&PS researchers receive more than $3.1M in funding under SSHRC Partnership Grants

Researchers from York University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies have received more than $3.1M in funding to pursue research initiatives under SSHRC Partnership Grants.

“These partnership grants help to advance knowledge and understanding on important issues of social, economic and cultural significance,” said J.J. McMurtry, dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies.

With a funding support of $2.5M under the SSHRC Partnership Grant program (October 2021 Competition) LA&PS professor Nick Mule, School of Social Work and School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, will lead a cross-disciplinary team, including community members, in a study focused on building evidence-based knowledge on how poverty impacts two-sprit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (2SLGTBQ+) people in Canada; to mobilize policy and community-based action plans to remedy this situation.

A complete list is available online comprising the award recipients for Partnership Grants: October 2021 Competition (Public Announcement by SSHRC).

In addition, with a Faculty success rate of 100%, the SSHRC PDG program for November 2021 Competition has also granted funding of $692,372 supporting four LA&PS faculty-led initiatives addressing the impacts of digital capitalism on childhood, crisis-driven migrations, workplace discrimination faced by LGBTQS+ workers and digital public history of Greek migration to Canada.

SSHRC Partnership Development Grants (PDG) aim to support partnerships between academic researchers, businesses, and non-profits, with a focus on advancing knowledge and understanding of critical issues of intellectual, social, economic, and cultural significance. 

“Research done in partnerships with community organizations, businesses and government necessarily takes research beyond academia, building public understanding of the value of scholarly work, and creating many opportunities for graduate training. These awards attest to the strength of LA&PS’ researchers in community-based research”, said Ravi de Costa, Associate Dean Research and Graduate of LA&PS.

LA&PS 2021 SSHRC Partnership Development Grant recipients (principal investigators) are:

The public announcement by SSHRC about the Award Recipients for Partnership Development Grants: 2021-2022 Competition can be accessed online.