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The objective of Fundamentals of Learning is to assist students who have been required to withdraw to develop the academic and personal skills required for success in university studies.

The pass/fail program consists of various academic and personal development components, and is grounded in current theory and practice related to student success, human development, and retention.

Specifically, we will cover the following topics: time management; reading, note-taking and exam techniques; critical thinking, researching, and writing essays; memory and concentration; the university system; issues of procrastination and motivation; the diversity of the York academic and demographic profile and the way individual students connect to the institution; campus resources; life and career planning; choices of major; transferable skills; and personal issues such as self-esteem, managing emotions, and confidence.

The program runs through the F/W term and comprises weekly lectures, weekly tutorials, and bi-weekly individualized learning sessions. Additionaly, students will be expected to take part in various campus events and to make regular use of campus resources in support of their academic progress and success. This combination of elements balances intensive instruction and support with opportunities for engagement in University life inside and outside the classroom.

Readings and Assignments

Regular weekly readings and assignments for Fundamentals of Learning (FND 0100) are packaged into an inexpensive reading kit. The course kit will be available in the York Bookstore (see the Inquiries desk on the lower level for more information). It is your responsibility to obtain the course kit during the first week of classes, and to make regular use of it as the year progresses.

Individual Learning Sessions

Throughout the year, students enrolled in FND 0100 will schedule and attend bi-weekly individualized learning sessions. These sessions will focus on the selection and application of skills to students' credit course work.

Attendance in Individualized Learning Sessions is mandatory.