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English BA Honours

English BA Honours

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English BA Honours

Honours Degree Overview: Four Years

The English Department offers a wide range of courses that provide training in the fundamentals of reading and writing about literature and introduce students to various theoretical approaches, literary genres, and national literatures. Our upper-year courses allow students to engage in more specialized studies of theories, literary periods, genres, and individual authors. Our goal is to equip our students with the tools they need to understand, appreciate, and discuss forms of literary expression across historical and national boundaries, while giving them the freedom and encouragement to pursue their particular interests.

Year 1

Fundamentals of the Discipline

Students will learn the fundamentals of literary study across historical periods, national traditions, and genres.

English Requirements

Two mandatory 3-credit courses:

  • 1001 3.00 Intro to Literary Study
  • 1002 3.00 Intertextualities

*Students must earn a final course grade of D or better in 1001 3.00 and a final course grade of C or better in 1002 3.00 in order to continue with English as a Major.


One six-credit course chosen from:

  • AP/EN 1101 6.00 Literature and Law
  • AP/EN 1102 6.00 Literature and Health
  • AP/EN 1103 6.00 Literature and Business

*Students must achieve a minimum grade of C (60%) in AP/EN 1101, EN 1102 or EN 1103 to continue with English as a major

General Education Requirements

  • 9.00 credits from Humanities or Social Science
  • 6.00 credits from Humanities or Social Science (whichever is not taken in 1.)
  • 6.00 credits from Natural Science

Year 2


In your second year, you will complete your introductory tour through the fundamentals of the English program. Courses are trans-historical in design, providing students with an understanding of how various national and area literatures, genres, or theories have developed over time.

English Requirements

18 credits from AP/EN 2000-level courses, including six credits from category C.

Select from Introductions to…

  • Category A: Approaches , Theories & Methods
  • Category B: Genres & Modes
  • Category C: Literatures (Minimum of 6 credits required)
  • Category D: Popular Genres (You may take up to 6 credits from this category)

Year 3


In the third year, you will explore the program's specialized fields while focusing more on specific approachings, critical issues, and literary periods.

English Requirements

12 credits from the AP/EN 3000-level courses.

Select from Focuses in…

  • Category A: Approaches & Methods: Theory & Culture
  • Category B: Trans-historical/national: Styles & Movements
  • Category C: Literatures In and Across History

Year 4

Inquiry and Specialization

In your fourth year, you will enrol in small-group seminar courses exploring research and inquiry topics. We offer greater specialization in fields covered in Years 2 and 3.

English Requirements

12 credits from the AP/EN 4000-level courses.

Select from Inquiry & Specialization in…

  • Category A: Inter-and Multidisciplinary
  • Category B: Trans-National and/or Historical Genre(s)
  • Category C: Literatures In and Across History

*AP/EN 4000-level courses are restricted to EN Honours students who have completed at least 84 credits.

These are also the program options for English BA Honours Double Major and English BA Honours Major/Minor