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Fundamentals of Learning

Applications now being accepted for Fall 2021

Students who have been required to withdraw or are on academic warning are encouraged to enrol in Fundamentals of Learning.

Are you a student in LA&PS who has received a “Required to Withdraw” decision? Do you want to learn essential skills for university success and continue in your degree program during the Fall/Winter academic year? If so, you are invited to apply to take FND 1000 (3.0): Fundamentals of Learning.

For Fall 2021, students who have been placed on Academic Warning are also invited to apply to take the Fundamentals of Learning course.

You will learn key academic skills and self-regulation strategies to manage your time, energy and focus. You will be coached by your instructors to master these skills and strategies, and to apply them in your other courses to help you raise your GPA.

This course is designed to support you to critically reflect on your prior experience, improve your learning techniques and acquire the life skills you need to succeed in your academic program and future employment. Success in this course happens only with your active participation in the process of learning. By taking the course, you commit to practicing new skills and strategies to change how you approach your studies and how you handle personal issues.

Course Details

The Fundamentals of Learning course (FND 1000 3.0) is grounded in current theory and practice related to student success, human development, and perseverance to achieve goals.Three main topic areas are presented in the course:

  1. Techniques for re-framing past experience and for re-focusing with a stronger sense of motivation, purpose and goal-setting;
  2. The acquisition and practice of key academic skills (e.g. improved note-taking, active reading, study and test-taking, asking good questions as a pathway to critical thinking, and improved process for participating in discussions, preparing oral presentations and writing academic papers); and
  3. The acquisition and practice of strategies for personal development that will position you for success in employment and in life (e.g. time management, maintaining focus and motivation, learning from and with others through teamwork, problem-solving and resilience, managing change and developing confidence and autonomy).

Fundamentals of Learning (FND 1000 3.00) has a structure similar to that of your other university courses, with lectures, tutorials, readings and assignments.

There is a Fall term session (section A) and a Winter term session (section M). For each of the 12 weeks of the term you select, there will be a lecture (one hour) and a tutorial. During the lectures, specific topics relating to strengthening academics and self-regulation are explored; during tutorials, instructors give support and coaching so that you practice the key academic skills and techniques of self-regulation by implementing them in your other academic courses.

Rather than sitting out for the academic year (the other option open to students who have received a “Required to Withdraw” decision), if you are accepted into this course, you will continue in your degree program during the Fall/Winter academic year. Students are allowed to take up to 18 credits, while simultaneously taking the Fundamentals of Learning course for a total of 21 credits. The tuition fee of the course is the same as that for other 3.00 credit courses and the cost is eligible for coverage under OSAP.

**Important reminder to students on OSAP: To remain eligible for OSAP, you need to take 18 academic credits in a given FW session (ie., 9 credits in each term).

After you’ve been admitted to FND 1000, please consult the York Course enrolment website to enroll in a weekly tutorial. Please choose your tutorial before enrolling in your other courses because participation in this course is a condition of your being allowed to continue to take courses in your program of study while you have “Required to withdraw” status.

Readings and Assignments

Regular weekly readings and assignments in the Fundamentals of Learning (FND 1000 3.00) course are hosted on the course eClass site which will be made available at the start of the academic term. You will be required to listen to all lectures, participate in tutorials and make full use of the materials provided in FND 1000. Your firm commitment to implementing the academic skills and techniques of self-regulation is essential if you hope to benefit from the course and position yourself for academic success and personal growth.

Attendance and Participation

The Fundamentals of Learning course allows you to continue your studies during the academic year without interruption in order to enable you to improve your academic skills and approaches to university learning. Your acceptance into Fundamentals of Learning comes with the expectation that you will attend all your classes--including the FND 1000 lecture and tutorial-- and participate fully in the course activities.

**Special note: Withdrawal from Fundamentals of Learning may only be arranged under certain circumstances and through the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies via email at Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from the course.

Grading in FND 1000 3.00 (pass/fail)

Fundamentals of Learning is a 3.00 course (pass/fail) that requires your regular active participation and serious commitment to practicing the concepts and strategies,

The Fundamentals of Learning course is intended specifically for students who have received a “Required to Withdraw” decision from the University due to a low grade point average (GPA), and whose past performance does not adequately reflect their academic ability. This course is most appropriate for you if you are prepared to commit to developing stronger learning skills and self-regulation strategies. It may not be appropriate if your past performance is the result of unfortunate personal crisis or illness. If your academic difficulties arose in the context of a personal crisis or illness, please refer to the Petitions webpage.

If you are thinking of applying to enrol in this course, please reflect on your current situation and determine if you are truly committed to participating fully and to applying key skills and to practicing new behaviours. The ultimate goal is to strengthen your ability to succeed in all your courses and in your degree program. If you are selected for enrolment in this course it means that we have reviewed your record and feel confident in your ability to achieve academic success.

To apply, you need to submit an online application form (use link below) in which you are asked to provide some information on your context (e.g. number of courses and number of hours you work) and to indicate why you think FND 1000 is better for you than sitting out for a year.

You should apply as soon as possible. We will be considering applications for the Fall term up to mid-August. The Winter term is reserved for students who receive a late academic decision.

To apply, complete the Fundamentals of Learning course application form.

Please refer to the York Courses website to see course timetables.

See more details at the Undergraduate Enrolment and Registration Guide on how to enrol in classes.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Please direct your questions to:

Rose Ciddio
Student Relations Coordinator and Academic Advisor for FND 1000 students
Office of the Associate Dean, Students
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Ross South 900 York University (Keele Campus)
Email: Tel: 416-736-2100 (ext. 30249)