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Mathematics for Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Mathematics for Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) is a non-credit course that enables students to learn about advanced functions, such as polynomial, rational, and logarithmic functions, as well as their properties and rates of change.

Program Information


This course is open to any incoming students who are required to complete Mathematics for Liberal & Professional Studies to meet their condition for admission, or any York University undergraduate students who are required to complete a Mathematics pre-requisite for an eligible program.


A charge of $40 CAD will be added to your student account and is due with your tuition payment by September 10, 2024.

Eligible Degree Programs

Commerce (BCom), Economics (BA - including Financial & Business Economics and Business Economics), Human Resource Management (HRM), Disaster & Emergency Management (BDEM) and Public Administration (BPA). Markham Campus programs:
Entrepreneurship and Innovation and
Sports Management.

Course Completion

Students who pass this course will have fulfilled the math requirement for admission to one of the eligible programs.
Your record will be updated to show that you have met the admissions condition.

image of a graduation cap on top of a book

Welcome to York University

Incoming students to York University who do not pass Mathematics for LA&PS and have a final minimum average of 70% (B) in their secondary studies, will be offered an alternate program within LA&PS and can continue with their studies at York University in the fall.

Course Details

In this course, students will develop the ability to manipulate, combine and solve various functions, as well as apply them to real-world examples. Additionally, the course will cover the fundamentals of statistics and probabilities, and the concept of expected value.

Location: Online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be accessible from the online course website. 

This class has mandatory attendance. It is expected that students will attend every scheduled Zoom class.  Students who miss more than two (2) classes will automatically be deregistered from the course. 

Course Registration

The course will take place virtually from July 9 to August 15.

Learn More

To get further information on the course, please contact us at