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Seminar Presentation- Tara Khalili – Feb.8th 2012

PUBLIC JOURNAL Issue #40 ‘Screens’
Cinema in Your Hand, Cinema on the Street: The Aesthetics of Korean Cinema
HyeRyoung Ok
Korea has a history of disparate governments that demanded restrictions and censorships over what people could and could not watch; under the Japanese colonization and Korean governments that came along later. In the 1990s censorships were loosened up [...]

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ferdinando’s second assignment

Seminar Presentation January 18th, 2012
Ferdinando Dell’Omo

assigned text: “THE SCREEN And Lens IV: Virilio’s screen“
by Anne Friedberg

“Mobile or immobile, everything that occupies space belongs to the domain of architecture”.
Auguste Perret, Contribution to aTheory of Architecture

Anne’s Friedberg’s article explores the concepts of “The Architecture of Spectatorship”. With this definition Friedberg proposes an analysis of [...]

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Olli Sotamaa’s “Computer Game Modding, Intermediality and Participatory Culture”

Olli Sotamaa’s “Computer Game Modding, Intermediality and Participatory Culture” analyzes the significance of user-created modifications (mods) of video game titles. After identifying numerous types of mods, from hardware alteration to character and environmental changes, the article attempts to contextualize mod culture within Henry Jenkins’ notion of “participatory cultures”. For Sotamma, the model creates theoretical room [...]

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Moving in Place: The Question of Distributed Social Cinema
Documentation of Exhibit:
Event Images:
Press release for exhibit
Moving in Place: The Question of Distributed Social Cinema is an exchange between the director/producer of SPECFLIC, Adriene Jenik, and associate professor at The SIUC College of Mass Communication & Media Arts, Sarah Lewison. Artist Adriene Jenik considers herself a telecommunications [...]

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Reading Summary: “Nostalgia for a Digital Object: Regrets on the Quickening of QuickTime”

In “Nostalgia for a Digital Object: Regrets on the Quickening of QuickTime,” Vivian Sobchack lauds the poetics of early QuickTime movies. While QuickTime movies aspire to be cinematic, they inevitably fall short of their goal. They are limited by the speed, memory, and bandwidth capacities of the computers in which they are housed. But it [...]

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repost from last year — another student summary of First person.
Introduction – Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Pat Herrigan (eds)
I’m posting this summary on behalf of Nick. It’s a little long to cut and paste so it’s a link to a word document. please let me know if you have any difficulties opening [...]

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Summary of Article: Marie-Laure Ryan – “Web-Based Narrative Multimedia and Interactive Drama”

Marie-Laure Ryan’s chapter “Web-Based Narrative Multimedia, and Interactive Drama” in Avatars of Story is a useful introductory text when looking at digital textuality. Ryan argues that digital textuality was impacted by two mid-1990s developments that computer systems underwent: “The ability to encode and transmit visual and aural data efficiently; and the ability to connect personal [...]

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Discussion Questions for Roderick Coover Presentation

We didn’t get to all my discussion questions today, so here’s a couple more as food for thought:
Even though the hypermedia experience is highly technical, Coover structured the web pages in the same way he would spread out photographs and index cards on a desk for a book-like project. Discuss how old technologies, projects, or [...]

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Roderick Coover Presentation

Cultures in Webs by Roderick Coover
The focus of the article is on cross-cultural ethnographies, and exploring new ways of displaying all the different kinds of ethnographic information that the anthropologists have gathered. The main example studied in this article is the DVD Rom Cultures in Webs: Working in Hypermedia with the Documentary image, and Coover [...]

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Protected: “The Secret of Augmented Spaces: Yellow Arrow.” Seminar Summary, Helen Papagiannis

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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