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Spacial Studies No.1 – No.3 (+ two additional videos)

These videos are attempts by Jan and myself to destabilize traditional filmic space. We attempted to do this in three ways:
(i) by transforming polar coordinates into cartesian coordinates, that is, by transforming circles into lines.
(ii) by allowing the viewer to navigate the spaces created.
(iii) by creating content that could be easily viewed on an [...]

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game mechanics or story?

“We all know that it is a grave mistake to begin the design of a game — except point-and-click adventures — with a story. What is less well-known is that it is ALSO a grave mistake to begin the design of a game with internal mechanics. Devotees of the anti-narrative cult are often guilty of [...]

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something to ponder for final project : The eyes that stop the train

this might be of interest to the group doing the homage to early cinema. This installation was created by one of my PhD students, Iona Pelovska. It was awarded the Celeste prize last year.
Notes on artwork:
A moving image installation that juxtaposes lenticular viewer-activated prints of a landscape shot from the window of a [...]

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Final Project (FMTD) The IMMI’S

“Moving Through Cinema”
Our final project will consist of a two channel virtual installation. Being realized with Unity it will be presented in the Future Cinema Lab as an augmented reality project. The installation will consist of two 1-minute videos cut into 60 one-frame still images.
The proposed installation will reference the visual aesthetic of early cinema [...]

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Lev Manovich! March 22nd

Hi everyone — busy week next week! On Thursday, March 22nd, Lev Manovich will be at York.
He will be holding a workshop in ACE
3:30-6 p.m.
Manovich is a Professor at the Visual Arts Department, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) where he teaches practical courses in digital art as well as [...]

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class next week

Hi everyone
Next week the Future Cinema Lab is sponsoring a talk by Mike Holbloom — it’s during our regular class time + we will attend as a class.
I’ll remind you in class, but here is the event info:
alk Title: The Porch
When: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Time: 2:30-5:00
Where: Nat Taylor Cinema
The following will be discussed:
the future [...]

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The Structure of Games – Tracy Fullerton

While video games are becoming an important aspect of the collection of technological ideas which fall under the umbrella of the term ‘future cinema’, the medium’s fundamental differences are enough that examining the basic tenets of the form are still an important step, especially for those who do not consider themselves ‘gamers’. This examination [...]

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Machinima program curated by Isabelle Arvers for Gamerz Festival

Machinima Program for Gamerz Festival #7
November 2011
ARCADE, Aix-en-Provence, France

A selection of films made from video game engines or from a Game Boy camera, as it is the case with Windshield Baby Gameboy Movie by Clint Enns. To give a critical look at a world that turns into a game and blurs the boundaries, with the [...]

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GPS Project— Artist Statement

“Infinite Scavenger Hunt”
The “Infinite Scavenger Hunt” is a GPS Cinema Project, which is designed so the Viewer as Observer becomes the Participant in the Fictional/Real Drama as He/She watches a Man participate in the Same Happening. The Participant follows the actions of another Participant, who – as it is revealed at the last stage – [...]

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