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Week 8 Readings – Shabnam

Cinema does not provide the experience of pride or guilt – which games claim to do.
Q – How can possibly emotions of pride and guild produce empathy and social connection? Can these emotions provide catharsis or simply damages the gamer’s ‘affectability’?
Social context and role play: Goffman talks about the appropriateness of social behaviour: for instance [...]

A robot puppet can learn to walk if it’s hooked up to human legs

An article in the MIT Technology Review caught my eye. Found it extremely intriguing. The human-robot connection feels like parent-child relationship!

Questions for Oct. 30- Deepa

I’m making a general (yet, personal) assumption here when I say: There are so many complexities with the way we ‘experience emotions’ or in general ‘emote’ these days, given the amount of content we consume digitally, increasing screen time- individual space and relative drop in real person connection (to arouse an emotion often?). How do/ [...]

October 30th Questions — Alex

Concerning the state of flow and the eight factors which contribute to it – a challenging activity requiring skill, a merging of action and awareness, clear goals, direct + immediate feedback, concentration on the task at hand, a sense of control, a loss of self-consciousness, an altered sense of time – do you think games [...]

Questions from Michaela – 30 October

1. In the two readings by Ibister and and by Ginsberg, for me, the main question arises: do we need AI applications and games in order to better understand ourselves as humans or the reality around us and the others but not necessarily ourselves?
2. What is better for our human comprehension, that these machines [...]

Week 8 Questions_Sisi Wei

1. “How Games Move Us” talks about the importance of the flow and the emotional impact the games could provide us. I understand that games could drive our emotions to anxiety, curiosity, frustration and such, because we are experiencing and exploring the game world and mostly, we are trying to do certain tasks. But plot-wise, unlike [...]

Week 8 Questions – Matt

There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the danger of games incorporating Skinner Box techniques and design elements into things like mobile games and the like. What does the class think of this?
Alongside my first question, several governments have been discussing the possibiliy of legislating that “loot boxes” are a form of gambling. Do we [...]

Week 8 Questions – Grayson

As game cultures are more and more “mainstreamed”, more emphasis (inside and outside of gaming circles) has been placed on the beneficial effects of investment, individuation and relationship-building within game worlds. By encouraging emotional/social connection and development, are games behaving counter to the (maybe less so, lately) narratives of violence and isolation pushed by influential [...]

October 30 Questions-Julia

1) Reflecting on Katherine Ibister’s piece regarding game design techniques evoking strong emotions for players, do you believe this could be an issue/concern in terms of violent-in-game behaviour? Do you believe playing violent video games can have an impact and/or influence real-world violence behaviour?
2) How do you think video games can be used to [...]

frankenstein class

hi everyone – just a reminder that if you’re up for it, do feel free to bring some items for a potluck for our dinner party – but no stress ;)

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