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Marker’s IMMEMORY….

“…electronic texture is the only one that can deal with sentiment, memory, and imagination.” – Chris Marker

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wu ming collective site

In 1994, hundreds of European artists, activists and pranksters adopted and shared the same identity.
They all called themselves “Luther Blissett” and set to raising hell in the cultural industry. It was a five year plan.
They worked together to tell the world a great story, create a legend, give birth to a new kind of folk hero.
In January 2000, some of them regrouped as “Wu Ming”, a collective of novelists.
The new project, albeit more focused on literature and storytelling in the narrowest sense of the word, is no less radical than the old one.

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Playing FLICKR v2.0

Playing FLICKR is a public space installation by Mediamatic on the 11th floor of the PostCS building in Amsterdam.

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Week 11, Translocality/Globalization/Tactical Media

Galloway “Tactical Media” in Protocol;
Gloria Sutton “Stan Vanderbecks Movie Dome”;
History and Histrionics: Vision Machine’s digital poetics
Gene Youngblood “A Manifesto for the Internet”
Norman Klein “The Future of the Cinematic City” (FC)

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