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Course Site for Future Cinema 1 (and sometimes Future Cinema 2: Applied Theory) at York University, Canada

doc on gaming

Seeing as gaming is the next topic up – thought some of you might be interested in this CBC doc tomorrow night
Thursday February 1 & 8, 2007 at 8pm on CBC-TV
Anticipation builds in Seoul, South Korea as 20,000 screaming fans await the arrival of their video game idols for the ultimate game-off – Beatlemania [...]

CALL FOR PROJECTS – New media creation

New media creation
Residency program for web art production
At the crossroad of visual arts, literature and new media
Featuring works of fiction for the web, Agence TOPO supports the convergence of visual arts, literature and new media, the renewal of narrative genres on the web and a presence in the [...]

Future Screen Concept – Kevin Lim


Rather than a proposal for a future new screen, this conceptual model is for an entirely new theatrical model. Mixing elements of live theatrical performance, installation art and of course film/video, this new theatre stands as a metaphor for the new globalize world. Embodying notions of multi media, this theater is decentralized, non linear, [...]

Examples of hyperfiction

Twelve Blue by Michael Joyce
From the collection of the Electronic Literature Organization
Pledge Me by Emilty Shultz
An example of non-fiction, GAM3R 7H3ORY by Mckenzie Wark with the Institute for the Future of the Book

data tiles

This is the technology i was thinking about in relation to jen’s proposed future screen.
take a look!

flash cinema

interesting to think about this work in relation to the articles we’re reading this week:
heavy industries

CFP:Communication Review: Surveillance and Communications

We invite submissions for a special issue of The Communication Review on the contribution of communications research to the study of surveillance.

For Games folks

For Games folks – an editor who worked on this CBC documentary strand sent:
It’s called Doc Zone (ugh) and it begins Thurs Feb 1 at 8PM with
“Gamer Revolution” a two-part special on the sociological,
political and cultural impact of computer games.
The second part Feb. 8 deals with multiplayer online games.

Examples of hyperfiction

Twelve Blue by Michael Joyce
The Electronic Literature Collection by various authors
Pledge Me by Emily Shultz
And an example of non-fiction from the Future of the Book Institute, GAM3R 7H3ORY by Mckenzie Wark

Michel Chaouli: How Interactive Can Fiction Be?

Last week’s reading by Lev Manovich presented a dichotomy between the form of the database and that of the narrative. In his words, “many new media object do not tell stories; they don’t have beginning or end…’ (Manovich, 1). It is in this context, one in which we presume the supremacy of the database [...]

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