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Flow – a steady continuous stream of something…

Thoughts on “The Aesthetics of Flow and the Aesthetics of Catharsis”
“What Csikszentmihalyi describes is not a new phenomenon. Flow can be evoked by activities that are common to many ages and cultures, and the flow state has something in common with states induced by forms of meditation or religious experience. But it does seem that [...]

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Reflection on The aesthetics of flow and the aesthetics of catharsis

The thesis that today´s Media culture is a result of the tension between the aesthetics of catharsis and flow proposed by Jay D. Bolter initially makes sense to me, as I observe the effects of these two aesthetics in the users of Media, the deep involvement, the need of being connected and exposed to its [...]

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Remediation and the aesthetics of catharsis and flow

In thinking about the relation between catharsis and flow, film and digital media; Bolter’s notable theory of remediation and its concomitant twin logics of immediacy and hypermediacy can be useful in furthering our discussion. Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin illustrate in their book Remediation: Understanding New Media, the ways in which old and new media [...]

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