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Some final thoughts

I apologize for my absence today!
I thought I would post the questions I had prepared for today’s class if anyone’s interested in taking a look.
We’ve talked a lot about the technologies we use for filmmaking, game-making, and storytelling. I have been thinking quite a bit about how other more utility based technologies are [...]

A very interesting VR lab to explore

highly recommended

Abstract Proposal for the IRSCL 2017

Children and Young Adults’ Media:
Narratives and Fantasy in VR and AR
Despite the problematic issues of VR (Virtual Reality) and Augmented Reality (AR) for children in our modern societies, we have to acknowledge that VR and AR are the future of our digital generation. VR and AR have grown attention since inception, particularly in availing the [...]

Week 11 – Thomas Elsaesser and Lev Manovich Summary

Here is a link to my notes from the Manovich and Elsaesser readings.
Week 11 – Thomas Elsaesser and Lev Manovich notes

Roy Ascott, “Seeing Double: Art and the Technology of Transcendence”

Reading through Youngblood’s Expanded Cinema, I couldn’t help but think of the work and writing of Roy Ascott. I’ve uploaded an excerpt from his book, Reframing Consciousness: Art, mind & technology where he discusses VR and its relationship to psychopharmocology. It’s a trip!
Roy Ascott – “Seeing Double: Art and the Technology of Transcendence”

CFC Media Lab’s “Quick Guide to Making Passive VR”

Hey everyone,
In advance of Amit and I presenting our research findings on VR Cinema next week, I’d like to share this interesting quick infographic posted on the CFC’s Media Lab (my old alma mater) blog. Here is the link: http://cfccreates.com/news/700-cfc-media-lab-s-quick-guide-to-making-passive-vr
The guide is fairly simple and straightforward in explanation, and also offers a handy Tools & [...]

The Hamilton Cast’s commentary (as interactive theatre)

Hi all,
I just wanted to share this commentary by theatre reviewer for the Globe & Mail, Kelly Nestruck: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/theatre-and-performance/when-hamilton-actor-appealed-to-mike-pence-theatre-showed-its-strength/article32946761/
I’m sharing partly because of our experience together in the wake up the U.S. election, but also in connection to my final project. I’m looking at the various ways digital screens can facilitate and aid the experience [...]

“4D” Virtual Reality

Hey everyone!
Here is the video I was mentioning in class today, in case anyone wants to watch 4D in action (featuring the HTC Vive).

Exhibit inspired by Bachelard’s “Poetics of Space” opens tonight!

Infinity of Intimate Space
This exhibition opens tonight and runs from Nov 16 – Dec 10, 2016.
Here is the description from the website:
InterAccess is pleased to present its 15th annual emerging artists exhibition. In celebration of this milestone year, the program has been renamed to Current, reflecting the present voices of emerging curators and artists. “Current” [...]

MIT Conference

Hi everyone,
I was following the interesting conference MIT about VR organized last May and happy to share a PDF of its summary . super interesting :file:///Users/amitbreuer/Desktop/MIT_OpenDocLab_VirtuallyThereConference.pdf

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