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Thu, January 16 2014 » 1970s, 3D, Derrida, community, history, humour, hypermedia » No Comments

Summary of Benjamin’s Work of Art Part

Walter Benjamin wrote as a political writer in the interwar period. He proposed that art as a whole had changed and was able to be used as an engine for political and social change. He felt that technologically produced art like photography and film had changed how people feel about art.
The “work [...]

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Tue, November 10 2009 » Futurecinema_2009, early cinema, history » 1 Comment

Game as Documentary?

This links to an article on a new game by Konami, that is set in the current Iraq war. There are mixed messages about this game, even from Konami itself, as the subject matter is so serious and current that it may be a taboo to make a game of it.

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Wed, April 8 2009 » Futurecinema_2009, digital storytelling, documentary, games, history, interactivity » No Comments

Thought I would share

I was thinking about how we perceive the world around us and ways to convey what we see to others and came across this:
Then I was thinking about how easy it is, when you are looking for something specific, to become blind to everything else and found this:

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Sat, March 22 2008 » Future Cinema 2, community, digital storytelling, history, humour, interactivity, narrative, surveillance » No Comments

Marker’s IMMEMORY….

“…electronic texture is the only one that can deal with sentiment, memory, and imagination.” – Chris Marker

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Tue, February 19 2008 » Derrida, Future Cinema 2, Manovich, database, digital cinema, digital storytelling, documentary, globalization, history, narrative » 1 Comment

Augmented Reality Home Pages – Introduction

An extremely technical look at Interactive Augmented Reality.
Augmented Reality Home Pages – Introduction

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Thu, January 31 2008 » augmented reality, history, interactivity » No Comments

Early Online Interactive Documentaries

I’m posting URL links to two well-known early online documentaries, made in Flash.
These were done before Flash could handle video streaming, so they’re made with photographs, texts, etc.
I remember looking at these 3 years ago, so they’re at least that old.
The first one, “Black Friday”, documents a terrible 1939 fire in Australia. It’s a cross [...]

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Fri, March 16 2007 » Flash, Future Cinema, digital storytelling, documentary, history, interactivity » No Comments

Summary and Notes on History and Histrionics: Vision Machine’s digital poetics

In this essay, Michael Uwemedimo investigates the implication of the digital mediating history and specifically, its manifestation in “digital poetics”; analyzing the method Vision Machine (a collective of filmmakers, theorist and activists) uses to “excavate” the history of the massacres.

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Tue, November 14 2006 » Future Cinema, community, distributed networks, globalization, history, seminar summaries » No Comments

Vision Machine’s digital poetics URLs

Here are the URL I showed in my presentation.

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Sun, December 4 2005 » Future Cinema, community, digital storytelling, globalization, history, seminar summaries » No Comments

Graphical Film: The Vector (Summary)

Sean Cubitt, The Cinema Effect

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Thu, October 27 2005 » Future Cinema, animation, early cinema, history, narrative, seminar summaries » No Comments