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David has managed to access a computer that will run the Klein – so we’ll take a look at that tomorrow as well. Thanks, David!

TOMORROW’S CLASS – aurasma working day

Hi everyone,
Hope you had a gorgeous reading week full of both catch-up and relaxation.
For tomorrow’s class I want us to move through a number of the Aurasma tutorials and begin to work on the final projects — there really isn’t much time to build these experiences and I would like to know everyone feels [...]

App, a two-screen horror film

I came across this article about a new Dutch horror film, which is going to utilize people’s phones, for second screen content, in order to tell its story. This is the first time that someone won’t be glared at (or worse) for pulling their phone out in a theatre! I thought people here would appreciate [...]

The Quickly-Changing Medium

Getting a break from readings for this class, I had an opportunity to read some works on new media for my research and I am amazed at how quickly these media are evolving. I was delving into anthologies on new media, written in between 2003 and 2007, and the ideas and images all seemed as [...]

Generation Like

I just watched this Frontline piece that I think is somewhat (tangentially) related to some of our discussions in class. Not so much about cinema as it is about the power of social media and the desire to be included in these marketing events, almost as stripped down ARGs. Less about the technology and more [...]

Wired Magazine Link – Why wearable tech will be as big as the smartphone


The Dichotomy of Art

I enjoyed Michael Longford’s essay. There are certainly many interesting things that can be done with this technology. What caught my attention, however, was that this new medium’s capabilities seem to be calling back to the early days of cinema and the supposed Lumiere/Melies dichotomy. New forms of expression often have to imitate those that [...]

Told and untold. Telling a story and “untelling” it.

By classic definition a story is a definite action that has beginning, development and ending. Story has its protagonists, time, space, and other narrative elements. All in all story is something definite, and that’s why we want to tell it and hear it. I never heard anyone saying “Let you tell you something.” instead of [...]

Interface the Nation

Building upon what David and Raheem were saying, I really enjoyed Longford’s piece. I am interested in the representation of space and place in my own work, and especially the importance of these ideas in a time where we spend as much, if not more, time in our own virtual spaces as we do in [...]

Ergonomics – Thoughts on Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences

Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences
As our projects (the creation of augmented reality stories) continues I was struck by the following statement, “…we wanted to design experiences that get people engaged as much with the space around them and each other, as they are with the technology; and finally needing to design along a [...]

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