Future Cinema

Course Site for Future Cinema 1 (and sometimes Future Cinema 2: Applied Theory) at York University, Canada

This Slate article seemed relevant to our Vessels of Memory project


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Digital Dramaturgy Lab

Here is the website for the creative lab I was mentioning in our previous conversations. Hope some of you will cross paths with it, for it’s a great place to play, experiment and learn!
Radojka Vrabac

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Anti-Climactic Because Hackers Brought Down Developer Site

I was very disappointed because we couldn’t view the AR portions of our project last week. I put a lot of work into constructing those scenes and embedding the video clips in one scene the video was to mesh with the the shape of one of the models, that of a tower. Apparently the hacking [...]

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The Following: Blue Sky Bible

Based on Christopher Nolan’s 1998 debut feature The Following, our transmedia experience is an attempt to extend the film’s story universe by encouraging users to engage with Nolan’s narrative across several different platforms, that include: GPS cinema, Wordpress, and Facebook. Nolan’s film centers on a young writer who begins to follow strangers in order to [...]

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Listening to Objects

The world is something beyond a human centered universe. The window of our perception can only recognize a few signs of this universe, yet our imagination paired with out technology can bring forth a ghost of what an extended human perception can see, hear, an touch.
For the most part the twentieth century ideas were evolved [...]

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Vessels of Memory

Check out our blog:

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GPS Valentine is a project whose main purpose is to provide an alternative entertainment to the Valentine’s day festivities. The main attribute of the film is its non-linear narrative structure, which reflects the most dominant idea behind our project, namely, the specific social and commercial utilization of the GPS cinema.
GPS [...]

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AR stories via Unity

I have been pondering the material we read while I build my scenes in Unity for the group project. I think it is possible to create compelling stories and experiences with new approaches such as those we are using but it is not easy. The fragmented narrative is front and centre with our project. [...]

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The difficult birth of transmedia storytelling

The thing that is very interesting and in my opinion noteworthy about the topic referenced in the article Spaces Between: Traveling Through Bleeds, Apertures and Wormholes Inside the Database Novel by Norman M. Klein is the search for a new poetic and narrative that new Media promises. In this article Klein walks us through what [...]

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Room 237

After the screening in class, I thought of this documentary I saw at TIFF and thought just about how amazing it would be to experience the Shining hotel with this doc playing in your ears as you walk around the space….. check out the trailer (also it’s a really entertaining film, especially if you’re a [...]

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