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Anti-Climactic Because Hackers Brought Down Developer Site

I was very disappointed because we couldn’t view the AR portions of our project last week. I put a lot of work into constructing those scenes and embedding the video clips in one scene the video was to mesh with the the shape of one of the models, that of a tower. Apparently the hacking spree allegedly from a district in Shanghai last week had taken out the Apple Developer site. See link I am attaching to this post. I was hoping to be able to write more about how I would ideally see the project but I find that because we weren’t able to access the AR through devices it is a bit sketchy for me.
The best way for this project (Vessels of Memory) to be presented would, in my view, be as part of a room installation. I see setting up the room to seem like someone lived there and as though it were left in a hurry. This would be a good way to increase the mystery element. It would be as though you just happened upon this room and were snooping into someone’s life. Ideally there would be more continuity between the various parts and they would tell some kind of story with a more traditional plot structure. I think it is difficult to illicit interest in the viewer from confusing fragments. That being said I don’t think one need necessarily give away all the information. The story could be constructed by the viewer if enough clues were manufactured. I think if we were to do it again I would suggest taking the approach that we were constructing clues that could lead to making a story known. I think we did that to some extent but we lacked an overall approach to these scenes but for our first foray into this realm it was all we really had time to do. We needed something more to provide some continuity. I was also thinking that combining the two approaches, GPS cinema and the Unity based AR, would be interesting. The GPS Cinema could be a way of luring viewers to a site and there they could find the object installation and uncover the clues. I found it difficult to think of the overall project while working on the details in isolation. As it was I think we did pretty well considering the time frame and learning curves involved. Not to mention the hackers.


Wed, February 20 2013 » futurecinema2_2012

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  1. andrew February 20 2013 @ 10:24 am

    I’m awfully sorry that we couldn’t get that up and running. But it should be possible to get the provisioning profile going now and would love it if I could follow up with your group so we can get this working on some of your devices. Let me know when you are around, I’ll be in the lab today (and tomorrow if there’s any interest).