Future Cinema

Course Site for Future Cinema 1 (and sometimes Future Cinema 2: Applied Theory) at York University, Canada

The first person who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.

Rob Ford Civilization mod

Facesoft, or Napstarter


Celebration of the Simple

It seems to me like there is a movement towards simplicity in new interactive media. Just as some people involved in the cinema decided that long takes may be the future, some people in interactive cinema and game developing seem to have decided that it is time to use what is freely available to further [...]

tomorrow’s class: workshop time for your final projects

hello everyone – tomorrow’s class will give you time to work on your projects (due next week). The lab will be open and available and I will be there BUT – if your group would like to meet onsite downtown to test your project and feel that would be a more meaningful use of [...]



Indiewire article on interactive cinema


Virtual Reality and the Home Console

Playstation recently announced “project morpheus”, a home console VR technology. Check it out:
Playstation Blog: Introducing Project Morpheus


I wanted to mention this in class today but I couldn’t remember what it was called. It’s an AR game created by Niantic (an offshoot of Google) that has been in beta for a year as invite only guests have been building the game. Now it is opened up to all of Android and rumoured [...]

Molle Industria

Molle Industria
Game Studies issue 1, Vol. 1

That Cloud Game

The main focus of Tracy Fullerton’s book and proposal is that games should always strive to be “play-centric.” While many people talk about a game’s feature advancement or technological innovations, Fullerton argues that the entertainment value or player experience should be the primary objective of all games. I immediately have a problem with this idea [...]

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