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MEMORIES OF A TOWN An Augmented Reality Installation (ARTISTS STATEMENT)

Cinema is the memory of the lives we haven’t lived. Like amnesiacs in search of lost memories, we watch lives we might have lived, loves we might have loved.
Like a pill combating Alzheimer, Cinema projects in our minds other people’s lives, romances and sorrows.  The physical places where these events take place hold and contain [...]

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Museum of the Moving Image

from Rhizome news
March 3, 2008
A Museum Moving at 30 fps
The Museum of the Moving Image will soon become the latest art institution to incorporate video into its architecture, an initiative very much in line with the museum’s mission to advance the public’s understanding and appreciation of moving image technologies across multiple platforms. Located in the [...]

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MOMA exhibit explained

Video art installations, long a staple of the modern-art museum, don’t typically have a lot in common with the movies — movies are seen on large screens in dark auditoriums in a gathering of hundreds of strangers, while video art is more often viewed in a smallish room, from benches or uncomfortable chairs, under less-than-ideal [...]

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Project at the MOMA

“For the next month, every evening from 5 to 10 p.m., the exterior walls of the Museum of Modern Art will shimmer with life as they are transformed into large screens for a collection of short films by Aitken.” See the full article here. See images and a trailer here.

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Enabling Mobile Phones To Support Large-Scale Museum Guidance

From AR Research being conducted at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany

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The Future of Cinema

Maybe this is the future of cinema.

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free art fair passses

Hi everyone,
janine and i purchased tickets in support of interactive 2005 and so we have 10 free tickets to the Toronto international Art Fair that we can make available to this class. If you want to go, just follow the instructions below + say that Caitlin Fisher purchased 10 tickets in [...]

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Mobile Exposures 2006: call for works

Mobile phones, PDA’s, i-pods, and other hand-held devices have already gaining widespread acceptance as tools to capture as well as experience music and photographs. Now these devices are being further designed and equipped with video capabilities – both for viewing as well as capturing. What are the potentials of the handheld device as a cinematic tool for expression, activism, and experimentation, and exhibition? With the recent announcement of the i-pod video device the advancement of this medium is now a foregone conclusion…the train has left the station that is for sure, but on what track is its heading?

How will viewing images on the small screen change our perception of the moving image arts? How will the moving image arts change to present works on a hand-held device? These are some of the questions that Mobile Exposure 2006 hopes to address.

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Interactive 05

a celebration of interactive culture in public space

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This must be the place

nterAccess has been home to new media art and artists for nearly 25 years. This exhibition brings together important new media artists in Canada who have, now or in the past, had a connection with InterAccess on the occasion of InterAccess’s grand re-opening in a new and renovated location in the Queen West gallery district. Organized around a theme of interactivity, the exhibition looks historically at works addressing this idea inherent in electronic media art. From Vera Frenkel’s early explorations in the 1970s, to David Rokeby’s spectacular and chilling recent works, interaction is explored as a medium of choice — made either by humans or artificially intelligent machines

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