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SEE BANFF! by Michael Naimark

I love this project!! See it here: QT Video of “See Banff”
More info and following project description taken from:
SEE BANFF! is an interactive stereoscopic installation. It bears a strong – and intentional – resemblance to an Edison kinetoscope, which made its public debut one hundred years ago in April 1894. It achieved instant popularity, [...]

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Art on the Tracks

I think it was Irene who had the idea for subway tunnel projections. There is a short piece in the Dec. 1-7 issue of NOW Magazine about a new initiative to re-design three subway stations. Designed by Jack Diamond, the stations will include “projected pictures on the tunnel walls and operatic music played when the [...]

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“Spyglass for Amplifying Nostalgic Feelings”

Excerpted from “we-make-money-not-art”:

December 06, 2005
Spyglass for Amplifying Nostalgic Feelings

Spyglass, by Fumiaki Murakami, is a spy glass that provides immersive 360-dgree virtual reality experiences. When you rotate the spyglass, what you see moves in the right manner, giving you the illusion of peeping into a real space. You can also zoom in and out.

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happy holidays, everyone!

i just wanted to say quickly how impressed i was last week with the projects and how much i’m looking forward to seeing the papers and spending time with all of you work over the break. i think it’s a wonderful idea for the AR gang to form some kind of group and in [...]

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David Rokeby descritions of work at Niagara Gallery

from http://homepage.mac.com/davidrokeby/
“Machine for Taking Time” is a work commissioned by the Oakville Galleries for the show “Earthly Delights / Deep Gardening” curated by Su Ditta. This installation is asite-specific work in progress. A colour surveillance camera has been mounted outside the gallery on a computer controlled pan/tilt mechanism, allowing it to see most of the [...]

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“Street Games” article in Sydney Morning Herald, Nov. 24, 2005

“Street Games” Sydney Morning Herald

By Fran Molloy
November 24, 2005

You’re moving through the streets of Melbourne stalking your quarry. A phone call on your GPS mobile phone tells you your target is only a few streets away. A direct kill means boosting your team’s score. And in this game, winning is everything.

Welcome to the world of “real-life” games that blur the boundary between gaming and reality.


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Literacy of Xbox

“Literacy of Xbox” should be part of schooling: York U prof

TORONTO, November 30, 2005 — A York University professor has issued a report that argues gaming systems like the Xbox represent a new kind of literacy and should be added to educators’ arsenal of learning and testing tools.

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