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happy holidays, everyone!

i just wanted to say quickly how impressed i was last week with the projects and how much i’m looking forward to seeing the papers and spending time with all of you work over the break. i think it’s a wonderful idea for the AR gang to form some kind of group and in the new year we can discuss the logistics of finishing your pieces/pushing your ideas further.

This blog will continue to be operational even though course has formally come to a close. It’s been a great class and you’ve encouraged me to think about new things … I’ve found your ideas to be inspiring, energizing and suggestive. i hope we can stay in touch. I’d be very very interested, especially since I msised the first half of the last class, to hear what all of you are thinking about possible futures of cinema(s) , maybe especially when this busy period is over and you are better able to ‘digest’ the course.

have a wonderful break

Mon, December 5 2005 » Future Cinema