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Anthropy Questions + Lanier and Brackage links

Hi everyone!
Excited for our journey to TIFF this week. I wanted to also pass along some links detailed the, at-times, troubled relationship between Stan Brackage and Carolee Schneemann – https://lux.org.uk/writing/revisiting-brakhage-3-containing-carolee-schneemann ; https://www.artpractical.com/column/interview_with_carolee_schneemann/ . I thought these would give a bit of context for some of Brackage’s work; it also gives Schneeman’s truly amazing “Fuses” [...]

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Protected: Future Cinema 2 Software

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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April 1st class

Hi everyone
just a reminder that if you haven’t already sent me a title and your equipment needs for next class, please do so ASAP. We don’t have a lot of time to showcase everyone’s work and i’d like to make smooth transitions between projects and even write up a tentative schedule. if you [...]

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Korsakow Manual

Hi Everyone. Little mixup with the printed manuals you may have picked up in the lab, you may notice they are incomplete. The missing pages are printed and in the lab. If you need a copy and happen to be around just ask Pam or myself in 303 and she’ll get one [...]

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Holographic displays step closer

Just something interesting to kick off reading week… BBC NEWS | Technology | Holographic displays step closer

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for Edie

hi edie
i just put the search terms ‘avatar therapy’ into the search engine googlescholar.com –> this only returns peer-reviewed results. there are a number of articles… here is a link to the first (haven’t read it, but it might give you a start)

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Michael Naimark’s “Be Here Now” field reports and panoramas

Further to my earlier posting on Michael Naimark’s work, here are some field reports from the “Be Here Now” project, which is featured in the Future Cinema text. You can also see the panoramas he produced for each city at the same link.

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CALL FOR PROJECTS – New media creation

New media creation
Residency program for web art production
At the crossroad of visual arts, literature and new media
Featuring works of fiction for the web, Agence TOPO supports the convergence of visual arts, literature and new media, the renewal of narrative genres on the web and a presence in the [...]

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Project at the MOMA

“For the next month, every evening from 5 to 10 p.m., the exterior walls of the Museum of Modern Art will shimmer with life as they are transformed into large screens for a collection of short films by Aitken.” See the full article here. See images and a trailer here.

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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

I’m posting this quite randomly… I discovered this artist recently and was blown away by some of his work. He does a lot of new media public art. He’s been around for quite a while so some of you might already know him. His online biography states:
“Electronic artist, develops large-scale interactive installations in public space, [...]

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