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Fri, September 25 2009 » Futurecinema_2009 » No Comments

On the Verso: Ten Postcards from an Anonymous Lover . An artist statement

The contents in this package are found objects of the everyday: ten video postcards sent from one lover to another. None of the cards are dated or arrange in any specific chronological order. Both the identities of the recipient and the sender are unknown.
A postcard is a technology of communication. [...]

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A couple news stories about AR, 3D & Screens

Some Intriguing Tech News

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Wed, September 23 2009 » Futurecinema_2009 » 1 Comment

“Nuit Blanche 2009 Goes High Tech”

After mentioning an installation piece from last year’s Nuit Blanche in class, I logged into my email and received a Blog TO article about the mobile and interactive apps being launched to correspond with this year’s Nuit Blanche events. I like synchronicity, so I thought I would post the article, which also has links [...]

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Tue, September 22 2009 » Futurecinema_2009, events, interactivity, mobility » No Comments

AR in the Everyday

This afternoon there was a CBC Radio piece dealing with current applications and future implications of Augmented Reality. There’s a podcast of the show at http://www.cbc.ca/spark/, it starts about 17 minutes in. This season Spark will apparently be following other AR developments.

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Sun, September 20 2009 » Futurecinema_2009 » 1 Comment

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Greetings everyone,
Someone has to be first, right?
Since we are talking about virtual realities, I would like to draw your attention to the ZKM, Center for Art and Media in Germany (http://on1.zkm.de/zkm/e/)
One of installations that I experienced and liked there is “The Interactive Plant Growing” (1993) that does, however, not seem to be on display anymore.
In [...]

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Sun, September 20 2009 » Futurecinema_2009 » 1 Comment

Instruction Manual

Here are the instructions for SnapDragonAR.

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Wed, September 16 2009 » Futurecinema_2009 » No Comments

regarding software

For those enrolled in Future Cinema 2, please e-mail myself or Caitlin for the password for the protected sections on this website.

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Tue, September 15 2009 » Futurecinema_2009 » No Comments

Protected: Future Cinema 2 Software

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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