Future Cinema

Course Site for Future Cinema 1 (and sometimes Future Cinema 2: Applied Theory) at York University, Canada

surveillance art

Jill Magid has playful artwork featured on her website, based on seeing and surveillance

Virtual Graffiti


april 1 photos

Hi all,
Just to let you know that on Wednesday (15th) I will leave a copy of April 1,2008 pics (that I took on the last day of class) at the lab. There is about 40 of them.

The Graveyard

of interest, via rhizome

April 7, 2008
Game Over
“Does interactivity stand in the way of depth, of thoughtfulness?” This question appears on a recent post to the blog of Tale of Tales, the Belgian game development studio of Auriea Harvey and MichaĆ«l Samyn; their latest project addresses this very notion. The Graveyard is a small but lovingly [...]

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