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Further resources for other AR projects & concepts

Some links with info and images to follow up on a few working projects and concepts I noted in our AR discussion today with Jay Bolter:

Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR):
“Novel approaches have taken augmented reality beyond traditional eye-worn or hand-held displays – enabling additional application areas. New display paradigms exploit large spatially aligned optical elements, such as mirror beam-splitters, transparent screens or holograms, as well as video-projectors.”
Excerpted from: http://spatial-ar.com/

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“Kobito” and the magic elves – AR

Here’s some info on the “magic AR elves” I was talking about today in our session with Jay Bolter.

Following text excerpted from We-make-money-not-art” AR achrives [...]

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CavePainting at Brown University’s Center for Advanced Scientific Computation and Visualization

“CavePainting is an artistic medium that uses a 3D analog of 2D brush strokes to create 3D works of art in an immersive virtual reality Cave environment. Like charcoal lines or paint strokes, these 3-dimensional marks are a fluid, highly flexible visual language that is brought to life by an interface responsive to the artist. The virtual reality interface is composed completely of physical props and gestures. There are several ongoing artistic collaborations using the system. In addition, researchers are currently investigating leveraging artistic theory and lessons learned about visual representation in the Cave to help solve visual representation problems in scientific domains.” [...]

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Augmented Reality applications

The Giant Who Walks Amongst Us
By Jenn Director Knudsen March 17, 2005

[All text is excerpted from technologyreview.com, see end of posting for link]

Giant Jimmy Jones is a friendly, helpful giant. In fact, this book character is so helpful, he can make the sun shine on an otherwise gray village. The giant simply walks across the page, reaches up to the cloud cover and pushes it out of the sun’s way so the villagers can catch some rays.

Those light rays may be virtual, but the book this scene pops out of is not. [...]

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