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facecanto (2012)

“Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate.”
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
- Canto 3, Line 9 of Dante’s Inferno

Documentation of our 2nd AR assignment can be viewed here and our source footage can be viewed here.
Augmented reality, by blending the virtual and the real, results in spaces that simply cannot exist in the physical world. [...]

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MEMORIES OF A TOWN An Augmented Reality Installation (ARTISTS STATEMENT)

Cinema is the memory of the lives we haven’t lived. Like amnesiacs in search of lost memories, we watch lives we might have lived, loves we might have loved.
Like a pill combating Alzheimer, Cinema projects in our minds other people’s lives, romances and sorrows.  The physical places where these events take place hold and contain [...]

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Moving in Place: The Question of Distributed Social Cinema

SPECFLIC is an ongoing creative research project directed by Adriene Jenik (2003 – present) in a new storytelling form called The Distributed Social Cinema.
I believe that Jenik has taken the notion of the Russian formalist verfremdungseffekt which, commonly translates as alienation effect, which also has been coined by playwrite Bertolt Brecht which prevents the audience [...]

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New arlab.bonk object

Hi everyone, this is a drop in replacement for arlab.bonk. Drop it in Max5/Cycling ‘74/max-externals and replace the arlab.bonk that’s there.
This update fixes the very small collision zones and reports collisions more accurately. You can also send the message “radius N ” where N is the object/outlet you wish to change [...]

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‘Paris Syndrome’ strikes Japanese

“Many of the visitors come with a deeply romantic vision of Paris – the cobbled streets, as seen in the film Amelie, the beauty of French women or the high culture and art at the Louvre.


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For Building Environments with Cosm

You will need to install the following to build your own projects:
1. DOWNLOAD and install Max/MSP version 5 (do NOT use Max version 6 for COSM yet)
2. DOWNLOAD and install Cosm for Max/MSP
3. DOWNLOAD the ARLAB objects
*****WINDOWS USERS: DOWNLOAD the ARLAB objects without the installer. Drop this folder in Program Files\Cycling ‘74\Max5\Cycling ‘74\ [...]

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Living Room(Inhabitant-User) + Window(Screen-Interface) + Mobility (Still Life set in motion) = seeing the world from a moving train

Jan Benes
FILM 6246
Screens have, in a sense, always run with the metaphor of the window. As Anne Friedberg notes in the introduction of The Virtual Window, �we know the world by what we see: through a window, in a frame, on a screen�, (1). There are two factors inherent in the screen that function in [...]

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An Analysis of Liquid Architectures

David B. Beleznay
Steve Dixon’s piece discusses how artists explore alternative approaches to our immediate urban environments, deconstructing our relationship with our homes, our cities and our World. These semi-permanent architectural installations are designed to challenge our notions of what it means to live in manmade structures, in other words they seek to re-define physical reality [...]

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Infinity Puzzle

An Augmented Reality Experiment
David B. Beleznay
The Infinity Puzzle is an AR game, which uses a series of “markers” as puzzle pieces to form a single whole video image.
In this experiment I wanted to explore how Augmented Reality holds within it the capacity to infinitely re-imagine and re-define reality as we know it. Like a mirror [...]

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ferdinando’s second assignment

Seminar Presentation January 18th, 2012
Ferdinando Dell’Omo

assigned text: “THE SCREEN And Lens IV: Virilio’s screen“
by Anne Friedberg

“Mobile or immobile, everything that occupies space belongs to the domain of architecture”.
Auguste Perret, Contribution to aTheory of Architecture

Anne’s Friedberg’s article explores the concepts of “The Architecture of Spectatorship”. With this definition Friedberg proposes an analysis of [...]

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