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The tragedy of 3-D cinema by Rick Mitchell

In this article, Rick Mitchell goes through the trajectory of 3-D cinema through the ages and labels the medium as a historical failure. He charts the history of 3-D through the studio system in the U.S and focuses on each studio’s hits and misses. Mitchell looks to a 50th celebration of the Introduction of CineScope [...]

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Trebor Scholz reports back on the Internet as Playground conference –a lot of good links and video mashups!

Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 17:04:23 -0500
From: Trebor Scholz
Subject: [-empyre-] Introduction Trebor Scholz (The Internet as Playground and Factory)
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Hello all,
Thanks so much to Timothy and Renate for inviting me to join you with a report of The Internet as Playground and Factory conference, which I convened at The New School two weeks [...]

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Retro-future cinema: The Falconer, Chris Petit/Iain Sinclair film on BBC 4, c. 1997

The Falconer
Chris Petit/Iain Sinclair, UK, 1997, 56 mins
Review by Andrew Hedgecock
‘A documentary investigation into the lives and careers of Peter Lorrimer Whitehead’. A potpourri of savage images, arcane knowledge, secret stories, half-forgotten history and myth, The Falconer is the filmic equivalent of a Tarot pack. And it offers the same multiplicity of readings.
Originally entitled The [...]

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Avatar Machine

Came across an interesting meshing of augmented reality and video games:
The virtual communities created by online games have provided us with a new medium for social interaction and communication. Avatar Machine is a system which replicates the aesthetics and visuals of third person gaming, allowing the user to view themselves as a virtual character [...]

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Virtual quests lead to real love and death for World of Warcraft fans

Murad Ahmed, Technology Reporter, and Rob Fahey
When it began it was just a computer game. Now it is seen as a cultural force that sparks love affairs, breaks marriages and creates “sweat shops” to satisfy a black market in virtual goods.
World of Warcraft marks its fifth birthday today as something more than just an online [...]

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Olli Sotamaa’s “Computer Game Modding, Intermediality and Participatory Culture”

Olli Sotamaa’s “Computer Game Modding, Intermediality and Participatory Culture” analyzes the significance of user-created modifications (mods) of video game titles. After identifying numerous types of mods, from hardware alteration to character and environmental changes, the article attempts to contextualize mod culture within Henry Jenkins’ notion of “participatory cultures”. For Sotamma, the model creates theoretical room [...]

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Welcome to Machinima World

In the introduction of Henry Lowood’s article Warcraft Adventures: Texts, Replay, and Machinima in a Game Based World (2009), the reader finds herself in the midst of the fierce final battle of the “Video Game Olympics,” in San Francisco in 2004. This battle between a Korean and a Dutch contestant takes place in the real [...]

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3D scanning with a webcam

I came across this video on Boing Boing. Very cool stuff.
What is so nifty about this, is that it is a markerless system that works in realtime (as opposed to this other software that a commenter pointed out: http://www.strata.com/products/strata_3d_cx_suite/strata_foto_3d_cx/ ). That… and that this is made by a student.
It’s fun to think of all [...]

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NY Times article on games

An interesting article for our week on gaming.
I feel like some of the people quoted deal with extremes a bit too much (Rohrer’s declaration that games are not meant for narrative, for example). But it is still a really interesting area worth thinking about.

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Red vs Blue

For the uninitiated- this is an extremely popular show using characters from the game Halo with voices added.

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