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Tomorrow morning: Database Cinema event

FYI all, there is a lecture on Database Cinema tomorrow in Nat Taylor Cinema. I was reminded of this in my New Media: The Database course and thought I’d invite people here. ;-)
Thursday, Feb. 2 @ 9:30am-12:30pm in Nat Taylor Cinema (N R102)Lee Knuttila, the course director, will conduct a short lecture and screen the [...]

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Digital Nation

Digital Nation is a new, open source PBS project that explores what it means to be human in an entirely new world — a digital world. It consists of this Web site as well as a major FRONTLINE documentary to be broadcast in winter 2010. The production team is posting rough cuts and raw footage [...]

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Game as Documentary?

This links to an article on a new game by Konami, that is set in the current Iraq war. There are mixed messages about this game, even from Konami itself, as the subject matter is so serious and current that it may be a taboo to make a game of it.

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Discussion Questions for Roderick Coover Presentation

We didn’t get to all my discussion questions today, so here’s a couple more as food for thought:
Even though the hypermedia experience is highly technical, Coover structured the web pages in the same way he would spread out photographs and index cards on a desk for a book-like project. Discuss how old technologies, projects, or [...]

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Roderick Coover Presentation

Cultures in Webs by Roderick Coover
The focus of the article is on cross-cultural ethnographies, and exploring new ways of displaying all the different kinds of ethnographic information that the anthropologists have gathered. The main example studied in this article is the DVD Rom Cultures in Webs: Working in Hypermedia with the Documentary image, and Coover [...]

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Marker’s IMMEMORY….

“…electronic texture is the only one that can deal with sentiment, memory, and imagination.” – Chris Marker

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Early Online Interactive Documentaries

I’m posting URL links to two well-known early online documentaries, made in Flash.
These were done before Flash could handle video streaming, so they’re made with photographs, texts, etc.
I remember looking at these 3 years ago, so they’re at least that old.
The first one, “Black Friday”, documents a terrible 1939 fire in Australia. It’s a cross [...]

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