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this week’s reading

Here is the reading for this week: “ “Artistic Collaboration
Please don’t forget to read bachelard for next week.

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Week 1 Introduction to the course/Labyrinth

Peter Weibel “Preface” (Future Cinema – FC)
Tomothy Druckery “Fugitive Realities” (FC)

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Week 2 Screens

Due: Short reflection paper
Required: Josef Svoboda “Polyvision” (FC)
Peter Weibel “Expanded Cinema” (FC)
Randall Packer “pepsi Pavillion” (FC)
Andre Bazin “Myth of Total Cinema” (handout)
Sobchack Meta-Morphing “At the Still Point of the Turning World” and Meta Stasis” (handout)
Oliver Grau, “Intermedia Stages of Virtual Reality in the Twentieth Century”
Anne-Marie Duguet “jeffrey Shaw: from expanded cinema to virtual reality” Eduardo [...]

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Week 3 Database work/soft Cinema

Martha Kinder “Designing a Database Cinema”
Lev Manovich “Soft Cinema (FC)
Lev Manovich “database as a symbolic form” (online)
Chris Marker “Immemory” (FC)
Thomas Elsaesser, “The New Film History as Media Archeology”
To be screened in class:
Soft cinema CD-ROM
Immemory CD-ROM
tracing the Decay of Fiction DVD-ROM
the Labyrinth project, USC
Marc Lafia “variable Montage” (FC)
Lev Manovich Soft Cinema CD-ROM + [...]

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Week 4 Hypermedia/narrative/digital storytelling

Vanevar Bush “As We may Think” (online)
Grahame Weinbren “Another dip into the ocean streams of story”
N. Kathryn hayles “Timely Art: Hybridity in new Cinema and Electronic Poetry”
Michel Chaouli “How Interactive Can Fiction Be?”
“Interactive Cinema group, MIT Media Lab” (FC)
Virtual cinema authoring tool for the creation of interactive movies www.vitualcinema.com
Lumiere festival of interactive [...]

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Week 5, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Due: Presentation of possible projects and essay topics (this is an opportunity for you to receive feedback from the entire class in order to assist you in framing and writing your proposals).
Week 5, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
Due: Presentation of possible projects and essay topics (this is an opportunity for you to receive feedback from the entire [...]

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Week 6, ***October 11th Guest lecture: Jay Bolter, Georgia Tech – Cyberphobia and Remediation of Cinema

Please note that due to the availability of our guest speaker, this class will take place on TUESDAY.
Note: There will also be an opportunity for students to talk informally with Jay Bolter about his work, including work on augmented reality narratives on MONDAY afternoon, place TBA.
“New digital forms, particularly computer and video games pose a [...]

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Week 6, game narratives and architectures

Espen Aarseth “Ergodic texts”
Noah Wardrip-Fruin First Person : New Media as Story, Performance, and Game
chapter 1
Jullian Stallabrass “Just Gaming”
Burnett, “Computer Games”
“Massively Multiplayer Online Games” — I have a hard copy of this to hand out. You may also wish to check out a lecture based on the paper here [...]

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Week 9, Digital Cinema/animation

week 9 — Week 9, March 2nd, Digital Cinema/animation
Lev Manovich what is digital cinema?
Vivian Sobchack “Nostalgia for Digital Object”
Ron Burnett, “Reanimating the World”
Sean Cubitt, “Vectors of Effect”
Recommended: Lev Manovich Little movies (online)
Nora Barry “telling Stories as Screens: A History of Web Cinema”

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