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More Isbister Questions

1. Isbister claims that games are “more fun” when played with others. Do you prefer playing alone or socially? What might be some benefits to playing alone?

2. Isbister argues that designers purposefully design their games to accommodate a feeling of “flow”. But what are some interruptions to flow that you can [...]

Isbister Questions (Derval)

1. Isbister writes: “This capacity to evoke actual feelings of guilt from a fictional experience is unique to games. A reader or filmgoer may feel emotions when presented with horrific fictional acts on the page or screen, but responsibility and guilt are not generally among them… Because they depend on active player choice, games have [...]

Questions from How Games Move Us & Frankenstein AI

Hi All,
Here are some of the questions emerging for me.
1. “Ubiquitous connection has dramatically changed how we communicate with one another on a day-to-day basis, shaping how we understand community and copresence. Texting, Twitter and Facebook, email, and blogs offer countless ways to check in on someone—or many someones.” — Taking this assertion on its [...]

The Future of Fakes

Hey y’all
Just watched this episode of Follow This, the Netflix docu-series about BuzzFeed’s coverage of the internet.
The episode (s01 e07) was about technologies that fake audio and video and thought you might find it interesting. It’s 18minutes long:

Links & 4 Questions about Isbister

Hi all! Some links following up on last week’s discussion of the algorithmically created artwork: a sort of generic article detailing how it sold WAY over initial prices of $7-10,000 – https://www.cnn.com/style/article/obvious-ai-art-christies-auction-smart-creativity/index.html ; as well, here is art critic Jerry Saltz’s response to the sale – http://www.vulture.com/2018/10/an-artificial-intelligence-artwork-just-sold-for-usd400-000.html#comments . I think his thoughts are interesting in [...]

Questions for “How Games Move Us.”

1.)   Isbister’s introduction focuses partially on the reasons why games have struggled to gain mainstream acceptance, as well as noting the barriers to entry for non-gamers. One of her brief acknowledgements is to “skill level,” which I believe to be possibly the greatest barrier. In what ways would one’s inability to complete an intended decision [...]

How Games Move Us Emotion by Design Questions

“Players controlling avatars project themselves into the character on four levels: visceral, cognitive, social, and fantasy.” (11)
If people really do connect on these four levels, how easy is it becoming to get lost in the game?
Might one become dissassociated with reality if there is such a strong connection between player and charcter exists, especially as [...]

Questions for Isbister’s ‘How Games Move Us’

Hello Everyone,

Here are my questions for today’s upcoming class:

1. In the first chapter, Isbister states “Because players make their own choices and experience their consequences, game designers have unique powers to evoke emotions – such as guilt and pride – that typically cannot be accessed with other media” (69).  While pride is a perhaps a [...]

Sarah’s questions from reading Katherine Isbister’s “How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design”

Hey guys! Here are my questions for this week :)

First chapter. A quote from Will Wright, designer of The Sims. Yes, I agree that games have the emotional impact of films. Wait, hold up – how could you have “never [felt] pride, or guilt, watching a movie”? Unlike games, it is rare to have “the [...]

Questions from Immersive Worlds

hi everyone. thanks for all these interesting questions that people have posted. it’s really great to sit with your thoughts/questions. apologies, my questions are a little late from last week. i keep forgetting to post immediately following class… will aim to post in advance for tomorrow’s class. for now, below are some more questions [...]

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