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Beat Software Is A should For city Genre fanatics

Adding the Impact – To add the delay effects in Adobe Audition, pull up the Mixer see by hitting Alt + 2 from the main multitrack screen. In this view, find the monitor that you want to include delay results to, and click one of the arrows in the open effects hubs below the “FX” [...]

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On “haunted” and “weird” media…

From Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation (2013) by Alexander R. Galloway, Eugene Thacker, and McKenzie Wark…
Whereas haunted media expressed the mediation of the supernatural in positive terms, with weird media mediation only indicates a gulf or abyss between two ontological orders. Sometimes the supernatural is present but not apparent (e.g., an invisible creature [...]

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How To Make Hip Hop Beats In Minutes

To additional refresh myself, I went into the dressing room to splash cold water on my encounter. As I was looking up into the mirror, an unusual thought arrived to me. I recognized today was going to be a very essential 1 in my lifestyle; that something was going to occur.
Home studios are popping up [...]

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How To Get A Professional Vocal Mix At Your house Studio!

When you’re having to pay hard attained money for your songs demo you shouldn’t be shoved into some guys cramped, unventilated closet. How safe would you feel? You need a studio with space to move around and you need to be comfy when you sing if you really expect to carry out your very best. [...]

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Questions about ergodic texts and technogenesis…

A few queries raised by this week’s readings…

Aarseth seems to fetishize interactivity and participation above the potential for meaning-making in any given text, thus privileging form ahead of content. Deleuze & Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus and Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return may be non-ergodic, while the Call of Duty video game series is ergodic; yet it would [...]

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You Probably Already Have A Music Recording Studio

When you’re having to pay hard attained money for your music demo you shouldn’t be shoved into some men cramped, unventilated closet. How safe would you really feel? You need a studio with area to move around and you require to be comfortable when you sing if you truly anticipate to carry out your very [...]

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Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities

Image of Zenobia by David Fleck.
Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities can be downloaded here.

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The New Media Reader

I’ve been meaning to post about The New Media Reader edited by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort and published by the MIT press. I ordered it from Amazon a while ago–it has a lot of interesting essays and excerpts and I decided it would be pretty handy after taking a look at an online [...]

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wu ming collective site

In 1994, hundreds of European artists, activists and pranksters adopted and shared the same identity.
They all called themselves “Luther Blissett” and set to raising hell in the cultural industry. It was a five year plan.
They worked together to tell the world a great story, create a legend, give birth to a new kind of folk hero.
In January 2000, some of them regrouped as “Wu Ming”, a collective of novelists.
The new project, albeit more focused on literature and storytelling in the narrowest sense of the word, is no less radical than the old one.

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Augmented Reality applications

The Giant Who Walks Amongst Us
By Jenn Director Knudsen March 17, 2005

[All text is excerpted from technologyreview.com, see end of posting for link]

Giant Jimmy Jones is a friendly, helpful giant. In fact, this book character is so helpful, he can make the sun shine on an otherwise gray village. The giant simply walks across the page, reaches up to the cloud cover and pushes it out of the sun’s way so the villagers can catch some rays.

Those light rays may be virtual, but the book this scene pops out of is not. [...]

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