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For my final project, I would like to use the Ladybug Camera to make a film inspired by Ernie Gehr’s Side/Walk/Shufflei tentatively titled Back/Ward/Hustle. In Side/Walk/Shuffle, Gehr uses a 16mm Bolex in order to create what artist and film enthusiast Fred Camper describes as “an expansive vision of the relationship between architecture, city streets and [...]

Manchester Time Machine

Manchester Time Machine is the first ever app for the iPhone which merges archive film (read: database cinema) with GPS to create a street level tour of Manchester’s streets and people over the last 100 years.
Manchester Time Machine
This is super awesome! Okay, I admit it, I was wrong about GPS cinema!

Lineage of the tradition of immersion

Lineage of the tradition of immersion
from http ://www.medienkunstnetz.de/themes/overview_of_media_art/immersion/4/
From an image-theoretical perspective, it is remarkable that installations such as «World Skin» are bringing back the image form of the panorama to life—at least for a time. In addition to works by Maurice Benayoun, others, such as «The Visitor: Living by Numbers» (2001) by Luc Courchesne, [...]

michael naimark


GPS Cinema Project Artist’s Statement

The concept for my GPS cinema project was inspired by an idea which came to me during the discussion over mobile cinema highlighted by Tara’s presentation on HyRyong Ok’s article. During that discussion, I had the realization that the mobile screen, and more specifically, the iPhone screen had similar dimensions to the nickelodeon machines [...]

through the limits of the town

through the limits of the town is a kinetic audio cassette sculpture made for the gps cinema assignment. The sculpture consists of an audio cassette which is threaded around thumbtacks which were laid out according to two maps allowing the tape to traverse the path on which it was recorded. The sculpture is intended [...]

(Re)Purposing the Archive

Memory is a trickster
Memory is a nest of lies.
Memory gives you hope where none resides…

Still from Vera Frenkel’s The Secret Life of Cornelia Lumsden (1979).
In Capture and Loss: Memory, Media, Archive multimedia artist Vera Frenkel reflects on the role that the archive has played in her work, an occasion sparked by an invitation to chair [...]

Article: The Mobile Aesthetics of Cell Phone Made Films: a Short History by Caridad Botella Lorenzo

Cinemascope recently released a new article that I thought the class might be interested in reading since last week Tara presented on films made specifically for the cellphone and this article provides a history of films made on the cellphone. The article is available here.

Unity Tutorial Videos

Now we can begin Phase Two of operations. <maniacal laugh>
P.S. Don’t miss the Asset Store for lots of inspiration: Asset Store In Depth Newsletter and Asset Store Action News.

Introductory 001 – Overview

Introductory – 002 – The…

Introductory – 003 – The…

Introductory – 004 – The…

Introductory 005 – The…

Introductory 006 – Game…

(…more after the break)

Tasman Richardson’s Necropolis @ MOCCA

I thought that this might be of interest to the class. Highly recommended! For a sample of his work, check out his Jawa video The Game.

Necropolis is an immersive video and new media installation. It realizes the translation of over a decade of ethereal video experiments and theorizations into a real world, tactile audience [...]

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