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through the limits of the town

through the limits of the town is a kinetic audio cassette sculpture made for the gps cinema assignment. The sculpture consists of an audio cassette which is threaded around thumbtacks which were laid out according to two maps allowing the tape to traverse the path on which it was recorded. The sculpture is intended to be shown with 8 photographs, each corresponding to a thumbtack revealing the location where the photograph was taken.

The meaning of the work and its relationship to gps cinema can be found in the text on the underlying collage. For instance, the text paradoxical structures & through its own structure, oddly mingled may be interpreted as the artists’ attempt to invert the concept of gps cinema by allowing the tape to travel for the viewer and by using photographs to bring the location to the viewer.

Audio recorded directly from the sculpture can be downloaded here.

Photo documentation of through the limits of the town

Details of the underlying collage:


Pin #1: The Junction (43.66643724445811 -79.47194337844849)

Pin #2: Spadina Road & Bloor Street (43.66664671663436 -79.4037938117981)

Pin #3: Spadina Road & King Street West (43.64587735600807 -79.39345590770245)

Pin #4: St. Andrew Station – The Path (43.647132619058446 -79.38643120229244)

Pin #5: St. George Station (43.66760664452379 -79.3996524810791)

Pin #6: Donsview Station (43.75086531307689 -79.46406841278076)

Pin #7: Dufferin Street & York University Bus Way (43.771887371445665 -79.4677671790123)

Pin #8: Keele Street & York University Bus Way (43.767155454397546 -79.49186012148857)

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