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Followup to Presentation on Lukas/Immersive Worlds – Presentation Slides

Hi all,
in case there are links in my presentation slides that you are interested in (that I didn’t include in the associated document), here is a link to a PDF version:

Sound Readings

Hi everyone…here are the two texts that I’ll be drawing upon for next week’s presentation – I’m sending them via a Wetransfer link, as the blog didn’t seem to want to upload them directly (blame it on the blog). I’d suggest reading the intro to the Labelle book, which provides a good overview of where [...]

First 40 pages of Klein (or so)

As the title suggests:

Summary of The Immersive Worlds Handbook: Designing Theme Parks and Consumer Spaces

Here is my written summary, in advance of today’s presentation and discussion.  It includes the three questions I’ve proposed (bolded at the end of the document), to go along with the reading.
I’m having some difficulty figuring out how to post a PDF document here.  So instead, here is a link to the summary in Dropbox:
Summary [...]

Documentary on Expo 67 @ The Royal

Perfect timing! The Royal, a downtown rep cinema, will be showing a documentary on Expo 67 during the first week of October. I don’t know anything more about the film aside from what’s on the theatre’s website, but it could be interesting for those of us who want another Expo fix.

introducing Apple AR kit

iOS 11 introduces ARKit, a new framework that allows you to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad.
Introducing AR kit

Immersense Developer Envisions Gaming Without Visuals (August 27, 2022)

Boston, MA – It was standing-room-only during ZeniMax Media’s keynote presentation at this weekend’s PAX East gaming conference at the Hynes Convention Center. After months of speculation, the Maryland media conglomerate formally announced its new VR gaming system, Immersense. The mix of excitement and apprehension amidst the crowd erupted into a chorus of awe and [...]

Short Screen Reflection

September 17, 2017
Short Screen Reflection
I imagine future screens to be non-dependent upon bordered, material space. Rather, any surface could operate as a screen, including surfaces created through atmospheric elements (e.g. fog, water, steam, dust). In fact, surfaces themselves may not be required, as seen with three-dimensional holography.
The proliferation of mobile personal devices will allow access [...]

future Screen – Daniel Negatu

The Future Screen
I imagine the future screen as a 3-dimensional space/screen that perceptively wraps around the viewer like a blanket simulating life itself.
A screen as big as the world where you can be free to roam around or choose to submit to a narrative that guides you through this world focusing your attention on certain [...]

Short Screens Paper – Theo X

Taking our discussion in the first class as a starting point, a new form of the cinematic experience that would actually make me not miss its current iteration is something akin to the holodeck on Star Trek: The Next Generation. To move beyond the traditional moviegoing model, I would need a total immersive and interactive [...]

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