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Transparent TV Window Screens

Hi guys, so since we were talking about future projections and what not, I saw this clip and thought it would be appropriate to share.

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Intro to Screen Projection

Life style idealism in modern urbanization is a reflection as to what was envisioned and in fact practiced a few decades ago. Taking the notions and ideas of German ingenuity, The Bauhaus, founded by Walter Gropius was to develop a new unity of art and technology. It became greatly influential from the early 1920’s to [...]

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My first assignment: future screening

how we will see and experience cinema at the time that we call the future

By Ferdinando Dell’Omo,
assignment #1, FUTURE CINEMA II, January 2012

Having to imagine how I personally see the future of movie screening, or how I’d like to imagine it, I want firstly to start with a statement about cinema: I believe [...]

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For Inspiration

Some things that were discussed in class:
Holograms (Pepper’s Ghost)
Haptic feedback
Wearable Technologies (mostly analogue)
Large Scale Spatial Projection Mapping

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Future Screens

The OLED tattoo would be a screen meant for very personal narratives and expression. It will enable people to place ever changing images on their bodies.

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My screen assignment

This was really refreshing to do! I obviously lost track of the “screen” in there and was thinking broadly of responsive technology. However, the assignment did change the way i think of what screens we already have and what kinds of screens we could have. Then Caitlin’s point about the connections between screens through individual [...]

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My Screen Assignment

Spherical Vision Display Concept: Steradian D
Spherical Vision Screen Idea

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New Screen Idea: Nursery Mobile Brainwave Synchronization

The screen I was interested in manufacturing would attempt to facilitate a controlled sensory deprivation for the viewer and promote an internalized screening process. The immediate surroundings of the viewer would be a coffin like structure or a water tank filled with either sand or water [...]

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New Screen

My proposal for a new type of cinema screen would be a partially transparent, interactive, educational tool to entertain viewers of any age. The screen would be the side window of any vehicle and the audience would be the vehicle’s passengers. When the passenger looks out the window of the car images would overlay onto [...]

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Future Screen Concept – Kevin Lim


Rather than a proposal for a future new screen, this conceptual model is for an entirely new theatrical model. Mixing elements of live theatrical performance, installation art and of course film/video, this new theatre stands as a metaphor for the new globalize world. Embodying notions of multi media, this theater is decentralized, non linear, [...]

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