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broken link

The link to:
Noah Wardrip-Fruin First Person : New Media as Story, Performance, and Game (excerpt: ludology)
Is now leading to nowhere, instead of leading to the wrong article (Bush) was it before.

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articles now online

hi everyone
thanks for alerting me to problems with the online readings for this week. All but one has been fixed and all will be ready in about an hour. happy reading!

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Seminar Equipment Request

Hi Prof. Fisher,
I would like to get an HDTV in the class for my seminar presentation on April 1, to bring in a PS3 and let people try out a couple of things that can add to the discussion of the readings. I do specifically want an HDTV, not a standard def TV, because [...]

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Neil – I LOVE this idea!! Wow!

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Future Screens

The OLED tattoo would be a screen meant for very personal narratives and expression. It will enable people to place ever changing images on their bodies.

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Bergsonian Perception

Thought this was interesting in the context of the Mark Hansen chapter on Jeffrey Shaw:
The first 6 paragraphs of section 4 provide a synopsis of Bergson’s theory of perception. In particular, the following exerpt from Matter and Memory is pretty fab. It makes me think of √Čtienne-Jules Marey or, kind of by extension, this amazing [...]

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Short Screen Writeup

My future cinema screen would translate invisible aspects of the world around us into visible graphic representations. It would take the form of a wearable device through which we would look to reveal an experience in which these visualizations are superimposed over the world as we see it with our own eyes.
This wearable screen would [...]

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My screen assignment

This was really refreshing to do! I obviously lost track of the “screen” in there and was thinking broadly of responsive technology. However, the assignment did change the way i think of what screens we already have and what kinds of screens we could have. Then Caitlin’s point about the connections between screens through individual [...]

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My Screen Assignment

Spherical Vision Display Concept: Steradian D
Spherical Vision Screen Idea

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registration now open

sorry everyone — I had disabled new registrations last term when no course was running (it keeps spam down) and forgot to change the options. If you scroll down the right hand side you should now see a registration link. If you don’t see a ‘register’ link, please refresh your browser. If [...]

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