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Course Site for Future Cinema 1 (and sometimes Future Cinema 2: Applied Theory) at York University, Canada

Symposium looking for proposals

One more thing I am happy to share:
Anthea Foyer (who worked with Siobhan O’Flynn on the Transmedia Bible, and who Mark also interviewed), recently shared with me some information about an upcoming symposium looking for proposals. She says “They are also looking for great projects to highlight and keynote speakers. Let me know if you [...]

VR Narratives Presentation

Hello everyone!
In addition to the links Amit posted from our presentation on Tuesday, we are happy to share the long-form video interview we shot with Scott Herman, the VR expert and Software Developer with DEEP Inc. (Polar Sea) who worked with Amit.
See the full video here: https://vimeo.com/194624165/b19c8b04ec
This is a private link only visible to those who [...]

Hello Future Cinema Class!

As promised, I am posting a link to the website I built for my project: https://futurecinemaproject.com/. In addition to the map itself, which I encourage you all to interact with and leave comments for me, I have also included a paper on the project’s theories and praxis under the tab “Artist Statement” you may want [...]

new frontier line up at Sundance 2017

Looked at the line up for the VR part at the upcoming Sundance festival and wanted to share this tree project that might be interesting to Anna and Akim

posts from our talk yesterday

Hi everyone,
As promised, here are the links to the projects and speaker we mentioned yesterday in our talk :
the google lady – Jessica Brillhart http://uploadvr.com/google-vr-insights-360-video/
Polar Sea project http://www.polarsea360.com/journey/en/
Notes on Blindness http://notesonblindness.arte.tv/en/vr
or http://novelab.net/en/project/notes-on-blindness-into-darkness-vr/
6×9 https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2016/apr/27/6×9-a-virtual-experience-of-solitary-confinement
Lisa will add more . Best Regards Amit

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