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Bogost reading

Thanks, Sula!
Hi Prof. Fisher,
I found the Ian Bogost reading online. I didn’t see it on the Future Cinema website, so thought other students might find the link useful if you want to post it! :)

Media Architecture Summit 2016

Hey everyone, here is the link for the event I was speaking about in class yesterday.
Media Architecture Summit 2016
We’re almost at capacity, so if you’re interested in coming, make sure you register ahead of time.
If you just want to come to the free events, here is the list:

Thursday, Sept. 29, 5:30pm @ TIFF Bell Lightbox, [...]

FIVARS: short film “Pearl”

Also checking the wordpress site out!
And also wanted to post that short film I saw at Fivars that I was raving about last week called Pearl.
It’s a 360 Google Spotlight Story and I think could accommodate some of the technology (used at Fivars Fest) if you watch this clip using a smartphone, but it won’t [...]

Abel Gance, Napoleon, 1927

Abel Gance, Napoleon, 1927
Just thought I’d add this given our discussion of the history of multichannel film and expanded cinema last week.  The link is a trailer for the screening/performance that occurred at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA in the spring of 2012. This screening/performance featured a 5.5 hour restoration of Gance’s original film [...]

some links from sept 28th class – screen presentations

Embodied Narratives by BeAnotherLab – TheMachineToBeAnother
magic leap – amit to post!
Cicret https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGYFECMJZRM
Twitch https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bob+ross+twitch

nationwide student day of action

Next class let’s discuss how we’d like to approach this (November 2nd is a Wednesday).
“At its meeting of September 22, 2016 the Senate approved a resolution declaring November 2, 2016 – on which date a nationwide student day of action will be held – a day of academic accommodations with the specific request
that [...]

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New immersive spaces reading (thank, Mark!)

Begin forwarded message:
From: Mark Terry
Subject: Re: Imagineering reading for Wednesday’s Future Cinema class
Date: September 25, 2016 at 11:21:54 AM EDT
To: Caitlin Fisher
Hi Caitlin!
Since we’ve been having difficulty tracking down copies of Soctt Lucas’ The Immersive Worlds Handbook (and as part of our class assignment to find related texts on the subject), I’d like to [...]

reading for Wednesday!

Hi everyone, apologies for the late arrival of the reading… and Thanks, David, for finding the first part of this chapter! As stated in class, given difficulties with finding the text (back-ordered n Amazon) I am making the first chapter of the Imagineering book available here as a PDF. It would be too [...]

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I set the site to ‘allow anyone to register’ thinking registrants would be members of this class! Unfortunately hundreds of spammers were more enthusiastic. I think I’ve fixed thigs – but i’ll need to register you all as users manually now – we can do it Wednesday.

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