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On “haunted” and “weird” media…

From Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation (2013) by Alexander R. Galloway, Eugene Thacker, and McKenzie Wark…
Whereas haunted media expressed the mediation of the supernatural in positive terms, with weird media mediation only indicates a gulf or abyss between two ontological orders. Sometimes the supernatural is present but not apparent (e.g., an invisible creature [...]


Helen Papagiannis talks about machine learning and the future of AR operating without the user having to tell it to. As this “always on, always working” technology becomes more ubiquitous, I’m curious if there are ways to prevent the “worst case, Black Mirror” scenario of the the technology being used against the user, either through [...]

Questions about Helen Papagiannis’ “Augmented Human”…

A few questions raised by Papagiannis’ Augmented Human…

Question relate to Augmented Human and Chris Marker’s Immemory also a question for previous week

Augmented Human the book propose new ways of extending our senses, but more importantly to me–means to interact with digital content. While reading chapter 6 “Storytelling and the human imagination” of the book, I can’t help but think about Chris Marker’s work “Immemory”. As a hypertext document of sense memories made in late 90s, I [...]


Throughout the course we have studied VR and AR and their potential to enhance reality and create new experiences. In Augmented Reality, Papagiannis distinguishes between VR and AR, stating that AR does not trade our world, rather it combines the digital with the actual. Both, however, aim to alter or augment our reality in one [...]

Augmented Reality for Mental Illness

As someone who has struggled with mental illness for pretty much his whole life, one avenue I hope Helen Papagiannis explores (should there exist technology out there) in future editions of her book, is the role AR can play in treating mental illness.  She does go into detail in chapter 8 about the rise of [...]

Augmented Human Presentation Notes

Hello everyone, here are my notes for today’s presentation on Augmented Human by Dr. Helen Papagiannis:
While the summary itself is pretty long, the book itself is dense with examples of new technological advances and information on a wide range of technologies. Instead of focussing on all of them, I have opted to instead summarize and [...]

Helen has the flu

Sadly, the author of today’s text, Dr. Helen Papagiannis, has the flu. i’m sorry we won’t have her expert presence today, but the silver lining is that we’ll have plenty of space for unhurried discussion and your questions – be sure to come ready with them.

ar filmmaking

“When it comes to immersive storytelling, one often thinks of holograms, interacting with posters/QR codes or images and of course virtual reality (VR). Augmented reality (AR) is more aligned to social interactions, training and simulation. Especially with mixed reality (MR) applications for Microsoft’s Hololens. AR is not immediately associated with storytelling, but new concepts are [...]

Question for Tomorrow’s Class

When reading Augmented Human: How Technology is Shaping the New Reality, I was most struck by the passage on pages 96 – 98 that talked about Eternime (link:<http://eterni.me>), which essentially is a way of archiving people after they are dead. As such, I was wondering if we could ponder the ethical and ontological implications of [...]

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