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Reality Is Broken : Happiness and Profit

Reality Is Broken:
Before I begin I would like to say that I liked this book. What you will read below has a tone of disagreement, however, there is a lot to agree with in her book. Reality is Broken. This is a very thought provoking title, but is it true and if it is, [...]

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Wed, January 22 2014 » FC2_2014 » 1 Comment

‘Gamification Is Bullshit’

I was reading this hilarious article by Ian Bogost, about gamification and bringing games into real life issues, and since we just finished reading the Reality is Broken I thought it might be  interesting to share this with you.  Ian Bogost  has a great blog as well. He writes on game and game theory. Also writes [...]

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Fri, January 25 2013 » futurecinema2_2012 » 6 Comments

“Let the Games Begin”

This week, my post is made up of quotes from the book and follows with some comments I make towards McGonigal’s statements.
I find it crazy this idea that overseas troops playing online games to win virtual awards and medals. Where I think she was exaggeratedly how boring reality is and how games are the most [...]

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Thu, January 24 2013 » futurecinema2_2012 » 2 Comments

Repairing Reality?

In Reality is Broken Jane McGonigal makes an exploration of how the game culture can not only help the people to achieve happiness and fulfillment, but also even to apply the inner logics of game to “fix” reality, I take it that particularly all the aspects from reality that makes people want to escape from [...]

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