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‘Paris Syndrome’ strikes Japanese

“Many of the visitors come with a deeply romantic vision of Paris – the cobbled streets, as seen in the film Amelie, the beauty of French women or the high culture and art at the Louvre.


For Building Environments with Cosm

You will need to install the following to build your own projects:
1. DOWNLOAD and install Max/MSP version 5 (do NOT use Max version 6 for COSM yet)
2. DOWNLOAD and install Cosm for Max/MSP
3. DOWNLOAD the ARLAB objects
*****WINDOWS USERS: DOWNLOAD the ARLAB objects without the installer. Drop this folder in Program Files\Cycling ‘74\Max5\Cycling ‘74\ [...]

Living Room(Inhabitant-User) + Window(Screen-Interface) + Mobility (Still Life set in motion) = seeing the world from a moving train

Jan Benes
FILM 6246
Screens have, in a sense, always run with the metaphor of the window. As Anne Friedberg notes in the introduction of The Virtual Window, �we know the world by what we see: through a window, in a frame, on a screen�, (1). There are two factors inherent in the screen that function in [...]

An Analysis of Liquid Architectures

David B. Beleznay
Steve Dixon’s piece discusses how artists explore alternative approaches to our immediate urban environments, deconstructing our relationship with our homes, our cities and our World. These semi-permanent architectural installations are designed to challenge our notions of what it means to live in manmade structures, in other words they seek to re-define physical reality [...]

Infinity Puzzle

An Augmented Reality Experiment
David B. Beleznay
The Infinity Puzzle is an AR game, which uses a series of “markers” as puzzle pieces to form a single whole video image.
In this experiment I wanted to explore how Augmented Reality holds within it the capacity to infinitely re-imagine and re-define reality as we know it. Like a mirror [...]

2012 syllabus will be posted tomorrow! week 2 is here.

hi everyone
adjusting assignment dates.
but do get a heaad start on next week’s class by reading Read: Italo Calvino Invisible Cities.
here are some of the links we looked at in class wednesday:
Screens : http://flowingdata.com/2010/06/03/data-life-of-the-future/
ted talk http://www.ted.com/talks/john_underkoffler_drive_3d_data_with_a_gesture.html
NYT screens issue: http://www.nytimes.com/indexes/2008/11/23/magazine/index.html
future interfaces: http://news.cnet.com/Making-Minority-Report-computer-navigation-a-reality/2100-1008_3-6181699.html

GPS Films

Does anyone know where to get a program to actually insert our projects into a GPS film/iPhone overlay?

New Media Resistance: Machinima and the Avant-Garde

An article on machinima as an avant-garde medium imbued with political potential for new modes of representation.


Happy New Year to all of you.
Now, here is something interesting:


I tried to post a comment to my last post, but it still didn’t let me. The same Word Press problems of before…
Anyway, what I intended to say was that I just saw it in 3D tonight, and liked it quite a bit. Having listened to Ali’s lecture definitely made me appreciate the technological feat [...]

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