Future Cinema Course

Course Site for Future Cinema 1 and Future Cinema 2: Applied Theory at York University, Canada

Discovery channel episode featuring the VRAC C6 Virtual Reality research facility at Iowa State University.

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Holographic displays step closer

Just something interesting to kick off reading week… BBC NEWS | Technology | Holographic displays step closer

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event of interest: laurie wilcox this Thursday, TEL 1009

Dr. Laurie Wilcox – Personal Space in Virtual Reality

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From The Toronto Star — (Virtual) reality bites
With the encroachment of big corporations, residents of Second Life say the online world is becoming second-rate

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The Exploratorium

Hi all,
Apropos our recent discussions re VR and psychology (autism, therapy, etc.), here’s what I stumbled on in psycinfo.
The Exploratorium: An Environment To Explore Your Feelings
The Exploratorium is a virtual environment within which immersants can explore both places and feelings. The “narrative” it implements is structural/architectural rather than linear/story telling. Different areas of the [...]

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Virtual treatment for US troops

Here’s an article that Jane tipped me off to today.
Apparently the US army is using Virtual Reality to cure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Jonathan Fildes, Science and technology reporter from BBC News writes:
Virtual reality is being used to treat soldiers returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder. The immersive system combines realistic street scenes, [...]

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VR Gear + RC Airplane Mashup

A Canadian RC airplane enthusiast shows us some sweet unanticipated convergence between a model RC airplane and virtual reality gear. Why, when I see something like this, do I automatically think of the military uses? I guess I should thank Virilio for that.

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“Spyglass for Amplifying Nostalgic Feelings”

Excerpted from “we-make-money-not-art”:

December 06, 2005
Spyglass for Amplifying Nostalgic Feelings

Spyglass, by Fumiaki Murakami, is a spy glass that provides immersive 360-dgree virtual reality experiences. When you rotate the spyglass, what you see moves in the right manner, giving you the illusion of peeping into a real space. You can also zoom in and out.

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CITYCLUSTER:Cave VR piece for Ars Electronica

from USC:
CITYCLUSTER is a virtual-reality networking matrix, a high-tech container with original technological features, navigation, interactivity and graphic and content style. In which multiple environments, ambiences or cities both real and imagined, can be hosted, coexist and be interrelated within themselves through a common, virtual territory, interconnected by high-speed network, enabling remote participants to interact [...]

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Presence in AR vs. VR

“Comparing Differences in Presence during Social Interaction in Augmented Reality versus Virtual Reality Environments: An Exploratory Study” by Tang, A., Biocca, F., and Lim, L. (2004).

ABSTRACT: In augmented reality (AR) environments, users experience the physical environment and other users directly along with the mediated virtual objects embedded in the environment. In immersive virtual reality (VR), the user’s experience of a visual environment (and sometimes other senses) is completely mediated. The representation of the user’s body in virtual environments granted us new research territory in dualistic interaction between the mind and body: how do the virtual body and the user’s mind interact (with) one another and eventually effect the user’s behaviors in the envrionment? An experiment was conducted to explore the potential effect of users’ and interactant’s bodies to sense of presence in VR and AR environments. Results from the study suggest that the absence of representation of the user’s body in VR environments may lessen (her) sense of spatial presence compared with AR environments.”


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