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Gopano Micro Demo (dusty)

The Inclusivity of the Fractal Experience

I like the notion of the “fractal” experience. It is not only rich, but inclusive. Rather than a form of storytelling that aims to exclude those unwilling to be more than passive viewers, the “fractal” experience provides a satisfying experience for the passive viewer, and a deeper, richer experience for the more engaged, examining viewer. [...]


Did anyone else hear this story last night on ‘As it Happens?’
http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/listen/ you can listen to it here. It begins at 16.30 on Part 3 of Jan 30th ‘As it Happens’.
A British Artist hides a cheque of $13000 (8000 pounds) (not made out to anyone) in an [...]

Thought on Frank Rose and a personal story…

Rose does a fine job of systematically discussing narrative function along side game mechanics through a variety of media platforms including the serial novel, the novel, film, and videogames. From Dickens to James Cameron to Mark Zuckerberg, Rose compiles a comprehensive look at how immersion helps forge an intricate relationship between participant (reader/viewer/player) and the [...]

Some preliminary ideas on Frank Rose´s The Art of Immersion

The Art of Immersion is a cutting edge exploration of the way today´s Media is modifying some of the conventions on storytelling inherited from literature, film, theater and arts in general. By showing some of the attempts and strategies used by bright storytellers who want to experiment on this matter usually hired by big companies, [...]

The “Lost” Art of Immersion

Quite the interesting read for me (and my group, Nick and Morgan) specifically as it seems Rose touches a number of topics that pertain to our major project. First off, he makes mention in the very beginning about the www.areyouserious.com campaign for Nolan’s The Dark Knight. This was a brilliant campaign to raise awareness of [...]

Who is the storyteller?

“IN THE COMMAND-AND-CONTROL WORLD, we know who’s telling the story; it’s the author. Bur digital media have created an authorship crisis.” (Page 83)

In Chapter 4, Frank Rose’s argument on Control (chapter 4) discusses the question of authorship. The idea is that the power of broadcasters and publishers were in their ability to control [...]

Decline of Creativity?

One of the most interesting things I found in “The Art of Immersion” was the study that found how similar memory and imagination are in brain activation.  Recently I read an article (ironically I can’t remember the source) that presented the idea that one of the impacts of the internet was that “digital natives” are [...]

Reflections on Frank Rose’s ‘The Art of Immersion’

Frank Rose’s book The Art of Immersion addresses new, developing modes of storytelling that he terms ‘deep mediums’: emerging formats of communication that are constructing narratives with the objective of immersing their audience. Like the Bolter reading on the aesthetics of catharsis and flow, Rose examines the impact digital media is having on storytelling and [...]

The Art of Immersion

An interesting theme that stood out in Roses book was how engagement affects narrative. He discusses how social media can impact television and how content creators respond to such engagement.
Thinking about his example of how a television network forced twitter to remove the pseudo accounts of its fictional characters I quickly thought of the various [...]

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