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Questions From”Augmented Human,” for Consideration

Not entirely certain if this is the place to post these, or if it is too late to do so. I figured I would like to share what I was most deeply concerned with from the text in preparation for today’s class.

In Augmented Human, Papagiannis discusses how the use of UltraHaptics can stimulate the hand [...]

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Wired Magazine Link – Why wearable tech will be as big as the smartphone


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Ergonomics – Thoughts on Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences

Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences
As our projects (the creation of augmented reality stories) continues I was struck by the following statement, “…we wanted to design experiences that get people engaged as much with the space around them and each other, as they are with the technology; and finally needing to design along a [...]

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Reality Is Broken : Happiness and Profit

Reality Is Broken:
Before I begin I would like to say that I liked this book. What you will read below has a tone of disagreement, however, there is a lot to agree with in her book. Reality is Broken. This is a very thought provoking title, but is it true and if it is, [...]

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Artist Statement~ “Arrival of the Train”

The installation is designed to accommodate 50 still images arranged in a quasi-elliptical loop in the Augmented Reality Lab at York University.
To capture the arrival of the Metro Train, we shot multiple takes using the 9 frames per second still-burst option, totaling 420 pictures.
We have discovered that 2 frames per second is enough to intelligibly [...]

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Final Project (FMTD) The IMMI’S

“Moving Through Cinema”
Our final project will consist of a two channel virtual installation. Being realized with Unity it will be presented in the Future Cinema Lab as an augmented reality project. The installation will consist of two 1-minute videos cut into 60 one-frame still images.
The proposed installation will reference the visual aesthetic of early cinema [...]

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MEMORIES OF A TOWN An Augmented Reality Installation (ARTISTS STATEMENT)

Cinema is the memory of the lives we haven’t lived. Like amnesiacs in search of lost memories, we watch lives we might have lived, loves we might have loved.
Like a pill combating Alzheimer, Cinema projects in our minds other people’s lives, romances and sorrows.  The physical places where these events take place hold and contain [...]

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