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Final Project (FMTD) The IMMI’S

Moving Through Cinema”

Our final project will consist of a two channel virtual installation. Being realized with Unity it will be presented in the Future Cinema Lab as an augmented reality project. The installation will consist of two 1-minute videos cut into 60 one-frame still images.

The proposed installation will reference the visual aesthetic of early cinema and the participatory nature of flipbook animation.

In effect reducing Cinema itself to its most basic form – photographic images – forcing the viewer to be the creator of his/her own cinematic experience.

Exploring ideas behind the cinematic experience, we connect it with our own physical presence within the viewing space, changing our relationship to the moving image.

The videos will reference the narratives of two of the earliest film recordings:

The arrival of the train and Workers exiting the factory.

The actual experience of this installation will recreate the participatory nature of flipbook animation. The movement of the image is dependent on the actions of the viewer. In essence the viewer becomes a creator of his /her own cinematic experience. If the viewer does not move, the image does not move!

The still images will be arranged in two parallel rows. The viewer walking through the room will activate the frames, determining the speed and the “motion” of the videos.

ferdinando: producer/actor

tara: art director/editor

david: director/special effects

merhan: dop/editor

Wed, March 14 2012 » Future Cinema 2