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this week’s reading!

Hi everyone
I’m so sorry, but because of ongoing issues with being able to update the static pages, this fell through the cracks!
Norman M. Klein, “Spaces Between Traveling through Bleeds, Apertures, and Wormholes inside the Database Novel” in Third Person Authoring and Exploring Vast Narratives
The other two items listed for this week are a [...]

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gps film article

Hi everyone
here is an interview to read on GPS film for next week:

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performing interactivity reading

Hi everyone
sorry, but I can’t update the main pages at this time. please find the Dixon reading ‘performing interactivity’ here.

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seminar schedule

Week 5, October 20th Dart 2: Making Invisible Cities
1. Steve Dixon “Liquid Architectures and site-specific fractures in reality” Carter
2. Anne Friedberg “THE SCREEN Erin
Week 6, October 27th Mobile 1 Distributed Storyworlds/storyscapes
1. Adriene Jenik and Sarah Lewison Moving in Place: The Question of Distributed Social Cinema” Evelyn
2. Michael Longford: “Territory as [...]

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burnett article + office hours

hi everyone
I’m fighting off the flu, so there is a good chance I will need to cancel my office hours tomorrow — please email me before you come to York if you’re only coming to see me. i can also assist you via email.
All articles are working for wednesday with the exception [...]

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articles now online

hi everyone
thanks for alerting me to problems with the online readings for this week. All but one has been fixed and all will be ready in about an hour. happy reading!

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April 1st class

Hi everyone
just a reminder that if you haven’t already sent me a title and your equipment needs for next class, please do so ASAP. We don’t have a lot of time to showcase everyone’s work and i’d like to make smooth transitions between projects and even write up a tentative schedule. if you [...]

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Hi everyone
tomorrow we’ll be looking at database narrative and we will experiment with the korsakow system. If you have any material that can be played in quicktime — .mov videos, jpgs, quicktime vr etc. — that you would like to experiment with, do consider bringing it to class.
By now you’ve read about database cinema [...]

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reminder: proposals due

hi everyone just a friendly reminder that proposals for final projects and papers are due tomorrow. hope you all had a great reading week.

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this week’s reading

Here is the reading for this week: “ “Artistic Collaboration
Please don’t forget to read bachelard for next week.

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