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Course Site for Future Cinema 1 (and sometimes Future Cinema 2: Applied Theory) at York University, Canada

seminar schedule

Week 5, October 20th Dart 2: Making Invisible Cities
1. Steve Dixon “Liquid Architectures and site-specific fractures in reality” Carter
2. Anne Friedberg “THE SCREEN Erin

Week 6, October 27th Mobile 1 Distributed Storyworlds/storyscapes
1. Adriene Jenik and Sarah Lewison Moving in Place: The Question of Distributed Social Cinema” Evelyn
2. Michael Longford: “Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences” Wi, 2.1 Dave *note week change

Week 7, November 3rd, Mobile 2 Distributed Storyworlds/storyscapes
1. Gaston Bachelard Poetics of Space Annie and Magda
2. GPS film Boaz

Week 8, November 10th Database Cinema
1. Norman M. Klein; Bleeding through Layers of Los Angeles Ann
2. Norman M. Klein, “Spaces Between Traveling through Bleeds, Apertures, and Wormholes inside the Database Novel” Victoria
3. Chris Marker “Immemory” Simone

Week 9: November 17th, Interactive Cinema
1. Steve Dixon “Performing Interactivity” Claudia
2. Carolyn handler miller “interactive Cinema” Digital storytelling : a creator’s guide to interactive entertainment Ben
4. Espen Aarseth “Ergodic texts” Lee

Week 10 November 24th, Machinima/ game + cinema convergence
1. Henry Lowood: “Warcraft Adventures: Texts, Replay, and Machinima in a Game-Based Storyworld” Birgit
2. Olli Sotamaa “Computer Game Modding, Intermediality and Participatory Culture”
5. Michael Nitsche, ‘Film live: And Excursion into Machinima’ Igor

Week 11: December 1st: 3D
1. A Step Toward the Future of Cinema < http://www.film.com/features/story/step-toward-future-of-cinema/17247225 > Jorge
2. Alexis

Week 12: December 8th
review of course material/presentation of final projects/papers + party – no seminar

Week 13 (make-up class): December 18th (Friday) no seminar

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