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Article: The Mobile Aesthetics of Cell Phone Made Films: a Short History by Caridad Botella Lorenzo

Cinemascope recently released a new article that I thought the class might be interested in reading since last week Tara presented on films made specifically for the cellphone and this article provides a history of films made on the cellphone. The article is available here.

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very cool

something to think about as we approach both mobile storytelling and gaming…

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Mobile event at MARS this coming Monday night

Mobile event at MARS:
“Mobile is the new frontier for video and film content. With more than 500 million video-capable mobile devices globally, the mobile platform is now the largest video and film distribution platform since the television.
This MobileMonday session will explore mobile video and film content from the point of view of both creators and [...]

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mscapes — ar + gaming

There is a research project here at york using a version of mscapes – Il tell youa bit about it next week. article has link to a video from the Tower of London ghost game.
HP Gets Serious with Gaming
The computer and printer manufacturer unveils a handful of technologies that it hopes will shake up [...]

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Protected: “The Secret of Augmented Spaces: Yellow Arrow.” Seminar Summary, Helen Papagiannis

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Mobile Nation on Sunday morning

The panel at Mobile Nation this morning brought together artists, community technologists and academics. I just thought I would highlight some questions and themes that came out of the panel in relation to embodied memory, the urban screen and public art and the city, cars and the cinema. The most pressing questions around the murmur [...]

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Mobile Nation conference — OCAD – next weekend

this looks really interesting — great rates for students, too, even for workshops.
let me know if you’re going!
Mobile Nation: Creating Methodologies for Mobile Platforms
March 22 to 25, 2007
Ontario College of Art & Design
100 McCaul Street, Toronto
From March 22 to the 25th 2007, at the Ontario College of Art & Design, the
Mobile Digital Commons Network, [...]

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Apple Unveils Screen of the Future

At the MacWorld 2007 Expo today Apple’s Steve Jobs unveiled the long-anticipated iPhone. Check out demos of this “future” screen at:

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Enabling Mobile Phones To Support Large-Scale Museum Guidance

From AR Research being conducted at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany

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“KickReal” – Siemen’s AR game for mobile phones

Console video games are a hot toy these days, but cellphones have been getting the cold shoulder in this department. Some people believe that cellphones just don’t have the hardware to run games successfully, and thus these types of games will become obsolete. However, other people believe that while there are no great cellphone games out right now, it’s a matter of using the cellphone’s specific qualities. A new cellphone game proves the latter opinion to be correct. [...]

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